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Who I Am

Coffee Geek | Marketing Wonk | Team Leader | Marketing Strategist | Innovative Problem Solver

I’m a #CoffeeLifer 

It ain’t easy being a greenie, but that’s where my 14 years of striving for coffee perfection have led me. My passion has been uncovering, telling and sharing joyously the brilliant stories of coffee producers around the globe. I created IPCoffees Specialty, was founder of Barefoot Coffee Roasters, Finca Coffees & Brew Revolution Craft Brewery & one of the six founders of the BGA. I know that every coffee has a home but that not every home has a coffee yet.


Where I Excel


  • A deep understanding of the entire specialty coffee supply chain
  • Integrating online marketing channels into seamless omni-channel marketing strategy
  • Communicating complex or new ideas simply, clearly and concisely
  • Creating and implementing integrated marketing strategies
  • Analyzing and synthesizing complex problems into specific solutions
  • Turning business objectives into marketing deliverables
  • Exceptional communication with all levels in an organization
  • Building highly engaged employee teams in competitive markets
  • Turn detailed product/service technical specs into compelling customer benefits
  • Ignite passion, excitement & drive into team members, customers and partners
  • Demonstrated skill in perceiving trends & opportunities in analytics and datasets


  • Excellent writer and developer of content marketing
  • Leading creative teams to achieve business objectives
  • Developing WordPress blog projects
  • Growing Social Media engagements and awareness
  • Analysis and synthesis of analytics and reports
  • Multi-tasking and multi-project organization
  • MRD, PRD, business case and white paper writing
  • Ability to engage in both engineering-development and sales-marketing teams
  • Growth hacking marketing campaigns to achieve results
  • Manage Lead Nurturing programs and sales funnels

What I’ve Done

andy Newbom resume andy newbom resume marketing

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