Reality Social Media- The King of Andy’s Glasses

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This is a simple little experiment to engage my social media channels in voting for the pair of Warby Parker glasses that make me look the hippest and look the best on me. So place your vote in the comments below! And please share this with as many people as you can so that I can get a true crowdsourced vote. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and everywhere else.! share this link:  

Flip The Script On Your Eyes – Warby Parker Gets All Customer Love on You

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Every once in a while a group of people come along and give you that which you didn’t even know you wanted. They didn’t go out and ask people through focus groups or surveys what they wanted. Because until someone sat down and thought through the whole process of buying glasses and how they could completely flip the script on it and give you exactly what you wanted, you had no idea how badly you wanted exactly what Warby Parker does so well. Who the hell is Warby Parker? They are a company that has completely embraced the social media and online world and combined it perfectly with our real world. They are technically an company that sells eyeglasses. But in reality they are a company that uniquely, spectacularly and warmly solves my glasses problems (even the ones I did not know I wanted solved!) They sell hip, stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses directly to the consumer. They sell them for fantastic prices (only $95 a pair complete!) and they have a wide range of modern, retro cool styles and colors. And best of all they are NOT part of Luxe the global monopoly that owns about every brand on the Continue reading Flip The Script On Your Eyes – Warby Parker Gets All Customer Love on You