Andy Newbom

San Diego, CA    |  AndyNewbom.com     

LinkedIn | andynewbom@gmail.com

Who I Am

Marketing Wonk | Team Leader | Marketing Strategist | Innovative Problem Solver

Where I Excel


  • A deep understanding of the entire specialty coffee supply chain
  • Integrating online marketing channels into seamless omni-channel marketing strategy
  • Communicating complex or new ideas simply, clearly and concisely
  • Creating and implementing integrated marketing strategies
  • Analyzing and synthesizing complex problems into specific solutions
  • Turning business objectives into marketing deliverables
  • Exceptional communication with all levels in an organization
  • Building highly engaged employee teams in competitive markets
  • Turn detailed product/service technical specs into compelling customer benefits
  • Ignite passion, excitement & drive into team members, customers and partners
  • Demonstrated skill in perceiving trends & opportunities in analytics and datasets


  • Excellent writer and developer of content marketing
  • Leading creative teams to achieve business objectives
  • Developing WordPress blog projects
  • Growing Social Media engagements and awareness
  • Analysis and synthesis of analytics and reports
  • Multi-tasking and multi-project organization
  • MRD, PRD, business case and white paper writing
  • Ability to engage in both engineering-development and sales-marketing teams
  • Growth hacking marketing campaigns to achieve results
  • Manage Lead Nurturing programs and sales funnels

What I’ve Done

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Thoughts and Counter Thoughts?

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