You Can Never Be Safe.

Ben Franklin was right when he said citizens willing to give up freedom for security get—and deserve—neither. Truer words were never spoken. You can NEVER be safe. A large portion of America is currently wallowing in the artfully sold, oft preached circus of fear that is modern America. Tune into any TV, radio, social media, news outlet and you will be urgently reminded of vaguely how much terror is coming against you right now. We are inundated with news flashes, alerts and notices of the levels of terror that are coming to terrorize us terrcoristicly. They loudly insist that there is no shortage of existential threats that are hell-bent on taking away your security.  The evil focused on making you unsafe is impressive and dauntless. As a general rule the threats are kept vague and sensationalist. They explain that its best not to look too deeply into the details of the threat, instead lets focus on the other group that is not keeping you safe enough from the threat. Luckily for you there is always a political party ready to take your trembling hand and promise to provide you with safety, to keep you safe. via GIPHY Bullshit.You can never Continue reading You Can Never Be Safe.

What Does The Average American’s Inability To Merge Mean For Society At Large?

I ask a lot of questions. Too many damn questions if you ask my wife. So I was not at all surprised at myself when this question crashed into my head the other morning while waiting through the inconceivably moronic lines that are waiting behind the average American’s seeming inability to merge. The full impact of this question rammed into my brain at 8:04 am pacific standard time: What Does The Average American’s Inability To Merge Mean For Society At Large? And yes, I literally mean that. I literally thought that. Cause I’m a weirdo. But it’s not about me. it’s about all of you. Why the hell can’t Americans merge? Literally. Why? What is the definition of Merge: merge (mûrj) v. To cause to be absorbed, especially in gradual stages. v. To combine or unite:  merging two sets of data.  v. To blend together, especially in gradual stages. Throw even one American driver into a roundabout traffic circle and it will come to a screeching, screaming, fist shaking stop.  Ask any of your friends who live in other countries.  Why will it come to a stop? Because universally, American drivers can, literally, NOT merge. They lack either the ability or the attitude to merge Continue reading What Does The Average American’s Inability To Merge Mean For Society At Large?