Be The Change

We are Coffee People We are Andy & Nanelle Newbom and we are two Coffee Lifers.  In our whirlwind journey through coffee over the last 21 years we have been hands-on in nearly every aspect of the industry. We have been baristas, bar backs, cashiers, roasters, machine techs, green coffee buyers, coffee trainers, barista &…… Continue reading Be The Change


Today I met a nameless man His name was Jeff Hoffman I met a placeless man His place was the concrete When i first met this nameless man With the God given name Jeff Hoffman I knew a lot about him And nothing about him His mouth half smothered  His own shirted arm the smotherer …… Continue reading Nameless

Principles Aren’t Free.

My lovely and talented wife Nanelle Newbom has one of my favorite life truths ever:   It’s not a principle until it costs you something. Until then it’s just an ideal.   Ouch.   But true.   Principles are easy to spout, and even easier to flout.   Definition of Principle¬† 1a: a comprehensive and…… Continue reading Principles Aren’t Free.

The Coffee Lifers Are Dead

For everything there is a time and a season. For Nanelle and I that season started in 2001. And ends today.   The coffee lifers are dead. We are calling it quits after almost 17 years of living and breathing coffee. We are selling off all of our massive pile of coffee equipment and supplies.…… Continue reading The Coffee Lifers Are Dead