Stumptown Coffee Plus Peet’s Coffee – Welcome To Peetstown

stumptown coffee

Today the Specialty coffee world is afire with the news about one of our own idols Stumptown Coffee being sold (again), this time to Peet’s Coffee. The reactions range from FU$KI%G SELLOUTS! to HELL YEAH CONGRATS!   I’m firmly in the congratulations camp. The people at Stumptown have operated at the highest level of awesomeness for 15 years. That’s 131,400 hours of passion, pressure, stress, focus, grueling work, details, execution, and blood. I doubt if most people reacting negatively to the news could have made it even half as many hours. Let alone accomplish even a small portion of what they accomplished. I am immensely proud of what they have accomplished and freakishly excited for what they will accomplish in the future. Stumptown has always been one of my role models. I have aways admired their coffee, their quality, their passion and the fucking brilliance of everything they did. Their coffee has always rocked. Their people have always rocked as well. What more can you ask for? And Peet’s Coffee, although stumbling for a while seems to be regaining some of their mojo. Together Peets and Stumptown could have a pretty substantial positive impact on the coffee market. If their parent Continue reading Stumptown Coffee Plus Peet’s Coffee – Welcome To Peetstown