12 Tiny Steps To Make Your Daily Coffee a More Eco-Friendly Experience

eco-friendly coffee

Coffee is a crazy thing. It travels from the other side of the world through dozens and dozens of caring hands before landing in your yours.

It is also a potentially environment crushing behemoth if you don’t think through your actions when you finally get to brew the nectar of life. I found this pretty sweet infographic from Custommade.com about how to reduce the carbon footprint of your coffee at home or work. It’s pretty darned well thought out and helpful.

Now, I generally dislike the phrase “eco-friendly” because it quite often means the opposite. But most of the tips and ideas in this are simple ways to reduce wasteful consumption, reuse and reduce packaging and supplies and conserve resources. And all of them also happen to make your coffee taste better as well. Win-win-win. Feel free to share and repost as they made it easily embeddable and shareable. Here are 12 tiny steps you can take to make your coffee more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Another great resource for reducing your trash output AND improving your cup of coffee is to use reusable metal coffee filters like from Able Brewing



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How to Make More Eco-Friendly Coffee

How to Make More Eco-Friendly Coffee
Infographic by CustomMade

By Andy Newbom

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