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304 Of My Favorite Social Media Tools All On One Massive List

A while back I started a list on my friend Nick Kellet’s startup If you have not used get over there and check it out and start making shareable, embeddable lists of awesomeness.

I made a list of my favorite Social Media Tools and made it public and editable. I then forgot about it as I had not completed it. I just checked back on it while I was working on some new lists for another article. And oh MAN! Apparently has awesome SEO and engagement. What started as my initial list of about 20 tools has no blossomed into over 304 tools added to the list.

Pretty intriguing example of unsolicited crowd sourcing.

Now let’s actually put this list to use! Go through and vote up your favorite tools, add it if you don’t see it and let’s make some lists!

Here is the list [listly id=”CBt” layout=”full”]

Thoughts and Counter Thoughts?