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Torque Coffees

We are Coffee People

We are Andy & Nanelle Newbom and we are two Coffee Lifers

In our whirlwind journey through coffee over the last 21 years we have been hands-on in nearly every aspect of the industry. We have been baristas, bar backs, cashiers, roasters, machine techs, green coffee buyers, coffee trainers, barista & roaster competitors, cuppers, judges, wet & dry mill operators, exporters, importers, and coffee brokers.

We are Coffee People

We have done many things in coffee, while visiting and even living in coffee producing countries, and having a multitude of amazing life-changing experiences. The one true constant is people. Coffee people to be exact. Coffee people are simply the best people, period. 

If you know us you already know that we are both madly in love with coffee. But you also know that our true love, our deepest heart, is our love for all the wonderful, crazy misfits and dreamers we call coffee people. And if you don’t know us yet, but you are here now, then we will gladly call you coffee people. Let’s get to know each other through coffee. 

We Want to Change the World

We want to bring the coffee industry into equilibrium. Our goal is to break the coffee supply chain. Break it by torquing the value balance. Give value where value is due. Its simple: we value the producers work based on the value to us. 20% of the retail price of the coffee is due the producer. 

We put the power in your hands. You are the torque that breaks the chains and forces equilibrium. Your choices create a new triangle chain and rebalance risk and reward. No feel good stories, no comforting words. Just proof backed by data.

The definition of torque is “A multiplication of forces to affect change in a fixed system”. We call it Torque Power. It’s our collective super power. We aim to use our collective Torque Power to bring coffee into equilibrium. We are using the power of ratios in the form of proportional pricing to break the value chain.

Proportional Pricing

We call it Proportional Pricing© because it automatically adjusts to the price the bag of coffee is sold at. Proportional Pricing changes the value equation of the coffee supply chain. Instead of the commodity market deciding what a coffee farmers coffee is worth, the value of the roasted coffee at retail decides it’s worth. Proportional Pricing means that a preset percentage of that value is due the coffee producer. You know the exact impact your purchase has on the coffee producer. No complex math, no 50 page reports, no long explanations, sob stories or strings attached. It’s just the Producer’s Portion.

Torque is not trying to imply that we pay more than anyone else, or that other coffee companies pay too little. It’s our belief that reversing the value determination to begin at the retail price and applying a preset percentage is the cleanest, simplest, least imperialistic way to bring equilibrium to coffee.

We would like you to visit Torque Coffees and see what we are doing.

By Andy Newbom

My name is Andy Newbom. At this time there are less than 10 Newboms in the world. Not sure if thats good or bad.