Today I met a nameless man

His name was Jeff Hoffman

I met a placeless man

His place was the concrete

When i first met this nameless man

With the God given name Jeff Hoffman

I knew a lot about him

And nothing about him

His mouth half smothered 

His own shirted arm the smotherer 

His frame twisting curves

His brain missing waves

This nameless man unknown

This man named Jeff Hoffman

Encircled by humans too afraid 

Alone in an island of concern and decay

This nameless, placeless, nearly lifeless

This man named Jeff Hoffman

Pulseless and cold at his extremities 

A fluttering moth of pulse at his throat

Ravaged breathing

Savaged breathing

This nameless man

My man Jeff Hoffman

As good samaritans slowly descended 

Few and far between

Enough of us gathered 

And a nurse on scene

This nameless man

My man Jeff Hoffman

His breathing stopped

His life unclocked

We turned nameless man

Our man Jeff Hoffman

Onto his broken back

Onto the broken tarmac

Into a cradled embrace

With a breath pump to his face

His separated pallete 

His face fought freely 

The intake of life

But easily bubbled blood as foam

This unknown nameless man


I gathered the cry

We are here Jeff Hoffman!

We know your name

Mr Hoffman


We got you Jeff

We got you Jeff

You can do it Jeff

The Paramedics are almost here 


Stay alive Jeff

Stay alive

You are no longer a nameless man

Even if you likely are no longer a living man

You are the immortal Jeff Hoffman

You are placeful, humanful and namefull

I met a nameless man

His name is Jeff Hoffman

By Andy Newbom

My name is Andy Newbom. At this time there are less than 10 Newboms in the world. Not sure if thats good or bad.