If Money Is Not the Object, What Is?

A friend on twitter asked me this question: What venture would you start if money was no object? I thought about it and realized that money has never been the object of why I started a venture. It is ALWAYS the roadblock and the downfall, but has not yet ever been the object. The Why. […]

Impoverished Frugality – The Essence of Not Winning

I have encountered an amazing number of businesses and individuals who put the majority of their focus on what they don’t have, their limited resources and how they have to save money.¬†When instead they should be focused on what they WANT, what they do have and growing revenue and profit. There is a time to […]

Why Bud Light Drinkers Are More Beer Snobs Than I Am

I hate beer. It is nasty and flavorless. But I love Craft beer. It tastes fantastic, is full of flavor and complexity, is made with quality ingredients and tends to have interesting stories. It tastes nothing like crap beer. There is no price point at which mass produced crap American lagers like Bud Light, Coors […]

Turns Out, When You Go To a Bar or Restaurant You Bring Your SmartPhone

The revolution of mobile has nothing to do with technology. It is a revolution in behavior. Mobile means you are somewhere, doing something, likely with someone. And that sounds exactly like the scenario that most people are in when they go to a bar, brewpub or restaurant. For most of us it goes like this: […]

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