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Flip The Script On Your Eyes – Warby Parker Gets All Customer Love on You

Every once in a while a group of people come along and give you that which you didn’t even know you wanted.

blue glasses marketing

They didn’t go out and ask people through focus groups or surveys what they wanted. Because until someone sat down and thought through the whole process of buying glasses and how they could completely flip the script on it and give you exactly what you wanted, you had no idea how badly you wanted exactly what Warby Parker does so well.

Who the hell is Warby Parker? They are a company that has completely embraced the social media and online world and combined it perfectly with our real world. They are technically an company that sells eyeglasses. But in reality they are a company that uniquely, spectacularly and warmly solves my glasses problems (even the ones I did not know I wanted solved!)

They sell hip, stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses directly to the consumer. They sell them for fantastic prices (only $95 a pair complete!) and they have a wide range of modern, retro cool styles and colors. And best of all they are NOT part of Luxe the global monopoly that owns about every brand on the planet of glasses and sunglasses. So they are real people doing crazy cool stuff and you get to give them all the money and the praise. That also means that they get to give you all the attention, service and customer care that makes the whole experience amazing.

Here is how they describe themselves:

Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point. A collaboration between four close friends, Warby Parker was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced and bland eyewear available today. Prescription eyewear simply should not cost $300+. The industry is controlled by a few large companies that have kept prices artificially high, reaping huge profits from consumers who have no other options. By circumventing traditional channels and engaging with customers directly through our website, Warby Parker is able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the price.

[highlight]Pretty bloody brilliant right? But wait, there’s more![/highlight]

Eyewear with a purposeAlmost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses. This means that 15% of the global population cannot effectively learn or work – a problem that Warby Parker is determined to address. We’ve partnered with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. We believe that everyone has the right to see. 


(told you they are bullet)

It starts when you visit their website : WarbyParker.com 

You can see that the site is sparklingly clean and crisp and well designed and responsive of course! (if you need a kick ass responsive website designed check out Teleki DesignThe first thing to do is click on the Home Try On link in the middle of the page. (prepare to have your mind absolutely BLOWN WIDE OPEN!)

[highlight]Because what they offer is a FREE at HOME try on of up to 5 different glasses! At Home! FREE![/highlight]

warby parker at home try on

Yes you can pick out up to 5 different frames and add them to your Home Try On kit and then they will ship them to your house at ZERO COST. They arrive via 2 day priority mail so even from NYC to San Diego it was in my hands in 2 days. (America rocks)

This is such an amazingly brilliant solution to the problem of buying glasses that all by itself it is enough to flip the whole script around and rock the world. (it rocked my world!)

But of course they did not stop there. When you are shopping for glasses you can click on the one you like and you can see close ups in several angles of each frame. Including this super crazy mighty amazing image here where you can see the actual glasses on a model and move their head around to see how they look! (freaking out yet?) On their site the image moves as you mouse over! But even like this it’s freaking awesome.

warby parker glasses try on


So that has to be it right? I mean how much sexier, cooler and better than this?

By doing a Virtual Try On.

Yes, you can upload a photo of your face right there on the virtual try on page of the glasses you are looking at and it will automatically place the glasses on your face, matching the angle of your face! You can even change to every color offered in every frame and test them before you buy them. (script  flipt, mind blown, love complete, glasses ordered)

Warby Parker has managed to remove pretty much every obstacle we have ever had to buying glasses, the lack of cool frames, the lack of choices at the eye doctor, the stupid high prices and they did all of that while integrating so many high tech/high touch features into the process that you will never be able to buy glasses anywhere else ever again. Seriously they are that good an the brand experience is unbelievably wonderful. it’s almost like they actually care about their customers and want to solve their needs. It’s so good it’s almost crazy. (crazy wonderful)

And of course Warby Parker does a truly masterful and completely integrated job of building brand loyalty and engagement on social media. They have a very tightly, well thought out social marketing strategy that is not added on to their business it is part of everything they do in their business. The way every modern business in the world will be over the next 10 years. Those who don’t will cease to be relevant and perish and whither.

Today I got my Home Try On kit with my 5 chosen glasses! This is the postcard they included in the sexy cool box.

warby parker postcard social mediaSo tomorrow I will put up the post and social media campaign where I put the whole thing out there for the Social Media world to vote on which of the five cool glasses frames I should choose.

Only one eyeglasses can be

King of Andy’s Glasses – Vote here!

and the rest will be sent packing! And the world gets to vote on which one will be king of the face and reign supreme. Stay tuned and get your hip vote machine ready to go!

Thanks Warby Parker for being brilliant and for solving my problems, serving me so well and integrating a complete social media strategy into your entire business.



  1. brewbom September 6, 2013 6:07 pm

    Anyone else had a great experience with Warby Parker buying glasses?

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