Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers – A Field Guide

coffee spanish for coffee buyers book

Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers is Everywhere! In the short time from August 2nd when the first softcover books landed at the publishers warehouse we have been pushing hard to get all the Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders out! Every softcover and ebook kickstarter reward and pre-order has shipped! The responses so far have been thrilling! Coffee people are really finding value in the work and giving us a lot of early praise! Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers is a field guide for English-speaking green coffee buyers and Spanish-speaking coffee sellers. This book contains essential technical Spanish, plus advice needed by coffee buyers and roasters to communicate clearly. This is not a “Learn to speak Spanish book”, but is written for anyone who is in coffee and wants to learn more about the language, lingo, slang and phrases we all use and confuse in the green coffee buying business. Our goal is improved relationships and communication between coffee professionals on both sides of the buyer/seller connection. Focused on the key phrases, technical terms, jargon and slang for the most important coffee terms used at origin in Latin America and giving coffee buyers a start on learning and speaking them as well Continue reading Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers – A Field Guide