Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers – A Field Guide

coffee spanish for coffee buyers book

Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers is Everywhere!

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In the short time from August 2nd when the first softcover books landed at the publishers warehouse we have been pushing hard to get all the Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders out! Every softcover and ebook kickstarter reward and pre-order has shipped!

The responses so far have been thrilling! Coffee people are really finding value in the work and giving us a lot of early praise!

Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers is a field guide for English-speaking green coffee buyers and Spanish-speaking coffee sellers. This book contains essential technical Spanish, plus advice needed by coffee buyers and roasters to communicate clearly. This is not a “Learn to speak Spanish book”, but is written for anyone who is in coffee and wants to learn more about the language, lingo, slang and phrases we all use and confuse in the green coffee buying business. Our goal is improved relationships and communication between coffee professionals on both sides of the buyer/seller connection.

Focused on the key phrases, technical terms, jargon and slang for the most important coffee terms used at origin in Latin America and giving coffee buyers a start on learning and speaking them as well as understanding how they are used, how they change and what they actually mean in a unique country-by-country format.

One of the primary challenges for the vast majority of coffee professionals is a lack of clear communication and language understanding. It is more than a simple lack of Spanish or English fluency, it comes down to understanding the coffee centric technical language used in both English and Spanish. All too often doing a Google translate of a technical coffee word or phrase from Spanish to English results not only in terrible grammar, but in a nonsense string of words. That’s why we wrote this field guide.

coffee spanish for coffee buyers book

Who Cares:

Geared towards green coffee buyers and roasters who want to communicate more clearly with green coffee sellers in order to more effectively convey their desires and requirements for relationship, process and quality coffee and in order to get the coffee they want to their roastery.

Spanish-speaking coffee sellers benefit as well since each country has a dedicated Coffee Spanish to Coffee English word widget that provides simple and clear translations of coffee technical terms and slang. Not a lowest common demoninatoresque high level approximation but a country by country breakdown of key terms in Spanish and English.

It should prove highly useful for anyone who is in coffee and wants to learn more about the origin side and learn the language, lingo, slang and phrases we all use and confuse whether you buy coffee or not. It is focused on improving relationships between coffee professionals on both sides of the buyer/seller connection.

We are also thrilled that so many companies have liked the book enough to want to sell it to their customers! Here are  few of our resale partners that you can buy the book from already!

  2. Nossa Familia Coffee

Currently the SCAA is reviewing the book for possible sale on their online store!

And now both the softcover and the Kindle version are available on!!

And one thing that would REALLY- REALLY helps us out is if you have enjoyed the book and find it useful.


As you know peer reviews are the number one most influential factor in people buying a book like this! We want to get more coffee people speaking the language of coffee and building better relationships. We need your help to make a big impact! Either write a review on Amazon or our own online store. We will be eternally grateful!

You can of course also buy the softcover, ePub and kindle version directly from our website!


Muchísimas gracias amigos del cafe!

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