Hungry People Don’t Stay Hungry For Long

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Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long They get hope from fire and smoke as the wheat grows strong Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long They get hope from fire and smoke as they reach for the dawn That line by Rage Against the Machine in ‘New Millenium Homes’ has long been one of my rallying cries in life. It symbolizes so many things that I hold near and dear to my heart. Idealism, rebellion, grass-roots movements, passion, people coming together, causes and visions bigger than your self alone, resistance and strength and dignity and purpose. In the song it is the undercurrent but very real threat of people who are oppressed, marginalized, disenfranchised and stepped upon rising up, throwing off the shackles and demanding their due bread. Because they are hungry and hunger makes you act when you would rather not. In my mind the people, long oppressed, when they finally see the injustice of the broken system and the hunger and the anger gets strong enough, rise up victoriously, albeit messily and take the power back. They shake off that which has kept them hungry and burdened and they partake of the bread and slake their ravenous Continue reading Hungry People Don’t Stay Hungry For Long

Gimme Back My Lunch Money!

no such thing as free lunch

The story is drilled deeply into our collective societal conscious. Happy school kid walking to school, backpack on their shoulder, without a care in the world. The sun shines its golden rays and the world is good and right. The gentle jingle of coins tinkles in their pocket with the promise of a delicious hot lunch at school. And then a sun blotting scourge appears, casting a shaft of darkness and fear on the sun child world. A bully gruffly demands it’s pound of flesh from the passing school kid. “Gimme your lunch money kid! Or I’ll pound ya!” Faced with a horrible choice not of his choosing the child has to decided between two evils. To get beat up or to have lunch. Most kids of course, being short-sighted and focused on short-term gain, choose the lesser of two evils. They avoid the pain and suffering of being beat up and humiliated now by trading away their future lunch. They give the bully their lunch money. Typically the bully still does a little beating just to ensure the victim knows who is boss. The school kid trudges off to school, more beaten down, less confident, more afraid, less sure Continue reading Gimme Back My Lunch Money!