Coffee Spanish for Coffee People Book – Kickstarter final week!

fullyfunded!This book contains essential technical Spanish, plus advice needed by coffee buyers and roasters to communicate clearly. This is not a “Learn to speak Spanish book”, but is written for anyone who is in coffee and wants to learn more about the language, lingo, slang and phrases we all use and confuse in the green coffee buying & selling business. Our goal is improved relationships and communication between coffee professionals on both sides of the buyer/seller connection.

Coffee Spanish is our phrase for the unique lingo, jargon, and slang that makes up the lingua franca of coffee in Latin America. It is quite often a combination of Spanish and English and local customs that defies literal translation and vexes communication. This field guide should serve as a key in helping you to open the door to better coffee relationships.

The Coffee Spanish For Coffee Buyers Book sets out to clarify the language of coffee. It was birthed in the espresso-addled brain of Andy Newbom as he rode in the back of a pickup truck in Peru on a coffee sourcing trip. Andrew Russo came on board to help bring the idea to fruition and throw his research and writing skills into the fray. Hundreds of years of local dialects, cultural shifts, processing improvements, and differing economic conditions had created a confusing patchwork of lingo. No one had attempted to tackle it (cause they were smart) until Andy and Andrew decided to take the leap.

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Even if you never step foot into an actual coffee field, you will benefit greatly from this coffee Spanish field guide book to, well, guide you! It is for every coffee person, whether pro, geek or in between.

The book is complete. It is written, edited and ready to print right now!

We are empowering our Kickstarter backers to get the very first copies, heaps of cool rewards and projects and help us get enough books pre-sold to self-publish the book.



By Andy Newbom

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