Killer Tacos + Social Customer Care = Rock My World

social customer care

This article appeared on Sprout Social’s Insight blog

I had an absolutely wondrous experience with a brand actively engaging on social media & taking that magic offline to my restaurant experience.

The team at Puesto and Eric Adler are not only rocking amazing tacos but amazing customer service. Support them and support great local food and fantastic customer love. This is the new standard folks. Get ready.

social customer care

An excerpt from the full article:

“Once you’ve implemented a great social media strategy, it can sometimes feel like you’re practicing theoretical physics. You have ideas and concepts in play that seem like they should create the desired results, but it may not be easy to see them taking shape in the real world with real consequences.

When your strategy centers on customer service and delivering a great customer experience, though, the responses of your audience can give some much-needed evidence to support the theoretical side. To exemplify the connection between a great strategy and great results, we spoke with a savvy marketer and a happy customer.

Andy Newbom is a social media expert and marketing strategist who had a noteworthy experience when eating at San Diego restaurant Puesto. To understand how the restaurant won him over with social media, we got a behind-the-scenes look with one of Puesto’s partners, Eric Adler.”

social customer care

“By putting the focus on creating a special customer experience, Adler and the Puesto team have been able to develop a strong following on social networks and in-person at the restaurant. If every customer can have the positive response of Newbom, then the company has done its job well.”

Read This article  on Sprout Social’s Insight blog

This is a fantastic social customer care case study!

How is your brand engaging with customers and delivering stunning social customer care?


By Andy Newbom

My name is Andy Newbom. At this time there are less than 10 Newboms in the world. Not sure if thats good or bad.