Twitter Chats FTW – Why You Should Join The Conversation

twitter is the heart and soul

Twitter rocks. To me it is the heart and soul of the internet.

One of the best parts of Twitter are the #twitterchats. They are incredibly simple, well focused and plumb the depths of conversation that Twitter enables. As the famous spot on cartoon says: twitter is the heart and soul

So what the heck is a Twitter Chat?

Well my Twitter pal Brian Fanzo had this great quote when i posed this question to him of what are twitter chats? {embedded tweet} In essence twitter chats are basically hashtag conversations. The best attribute about Twitter is that you can have conversations around TOPICS with anyone in the world not just around people you already know. Since all Twitter posts are public and Twitter is by nature a topical, timely and relevant place it is purpose-built for having conversations around topics. A hashtag at heart is simply a shorthand way to both tag posts and do quick searches.

 hash·tag  (haSHtag}

  1. (on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.


So why do Twitter chats rock? Insight and awesomeness from the Twitter chat universe:



Twitter power marketer and friend Pam Moore created this nice list of Twitter Chats. Add your own favorites and check out some of the great ones already there [listly id=”1HL” layout=”short”]

One of the best aspects of participating in Twitter Chats is that you meet so many awesome people who are interested in the same topics you are interested in. I have met so many people whom I now consider to be friends through Twitter chats. Here are some people you should be following right now on Twitter that I met via twitter chats.

So what are your favorite Twitter Chats?


By Andy Newbom

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