Hungry People Don’t Stay Hungry For Long

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Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long They get hope from fire and smoke as the wheat grows strong Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long They get hope from fire and smoke as they reach for the dawn That line by Rage Against the Machine in ‘New Millenium Homes’ has long been one of my rallying cries in life. It symbolizes so many things that I hold near and dear to my heart. Idealism, rebellion, grass-roots movements, passion, people coming together, causes and visions bigger than your self alone, resistance and strength and dignity and purpose. In the song it is the undercurrent but very real threat of people who are oppressed, marginalized, disenfranchised and stepped upon rising up, throwing off the shackles and demanding their due bread. Because they are hungry and hunger makes you act when you would rather not. In my mind the people, long oppressed, when they finally see the injustice of the broken system and the hunger and the anger gets strong enough, rise up victoriously, albeit messily and take the power back. They shake off that which has kept them hungry and burdened and they partake of the bread and slake their ravenous Continue reading Hungry People Don’t Stay Hungry For Long

You Can Never Be Safe.

You can never be safe

Ben Franklin was right when he said citizens willing to give up freedom for security get—and deserve—neither. Truer words were never spoken. You can NEVER be safe. A large portion of America is currently wallowing in the artfully sold, oft preached circus of fear that is modern America. Tune into any TV, radio, social media, news outlet and you will be urgently reminded of vaguely how much terror is coming against you right now. We are inundated with news flashes, alerts and notices of the levels of terror that are coming to terrorize us terrcoristicly. They loudly insist that there is no shortage of existential threats that are hell-bent on taking away your security.  The evil focused on making you unsafe is impressive and dauntless. As a general rule the threats are kept vague and sensationalist. They explain that its best not to look too deeply into the details of the threat, instead lets focus on the other group that is not keeping you safe enough from the threat. Luckily for you there is always a political party ready to take your trembling hand and promise to provide you with safety, to keep you safe. via GIPHY Bullshit.You can never Continue reading You Can Never Be Safe.

Data Always Lies

data always

One of my favorite micro roles in a job over the last few years, was at a San Diego SAS startup that focused on a very technical application of data in a high impact business marketing. Amongst my many, many roles and responsibilities I was able to spend a great deal of time with our Data Scientist. He was a breathtakingly brilliant double PhD brainiac. In my role of Marketing I was excited with the opportunity to have access to a window into the massive amount of data, and better yet a clear and impartial interpretation of the data. We collected a mind-bindingly large amount of data. Crazy amounts of data. As a marketing wonk I was in heaven. We love data. Especially data on our customers actions, wants and needs. Anonymized data is even better for us marketing geeks because it tells us big stories, not tiny stories. It was fascinating to think hard about what our customers wanted to do, what challenges they faced and where they could make improvements and then think “I wonder what the data says?” So with a resident Data Scientist sitting next to me, with access to massive mountains of anonymized data, I Continue reading Data Always Lies

Fresh Start Toy

fresh start toy

I am not known to rock a microphone. But I am known to make decisions that I own. I seldom shy from massive decisions, radical turns or harrowing leaps. I relish them. Maybe it’s my version of being an adrenaline junky. My life has been relatively constant change. When I was a teenager my best pal Keith Teleki and I made a thing that makes absolutely no sense to those who don’t know he and I, but has the ring of great truth to those who do. We had a habit of fanatically attempting to outdo, often with frightful results, each others “gifts” to each other. One year for one of our birthdays, or Bastille day or Boxing day, one of us made a thing known simply as the Fresh Start Toy. It was quickly enhanced and enshrined by the Fresh Start Die. In describing it, no matter my finest with words and colorful descriptors, you will find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the hell am i talking about and why the hell would someone make such a thing. And you would be partially right. The partial right of the uninitiated and staid. It was, nevertheless created . And Continue reading Fresh Start Toy

11 Seconds of Parasitic Sucking

Parasitic sucking

The average share stock is held for a total of 11 seconds. Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you read that again. For me I had to reread it several times before I could even let it sink in. When it did, I felt my soul crack asunder. Not, sadly, because I did not expect it. In fact far worse I did expect it, I just had no idea how bad the numbers really were. Now I am the first one to argue that data always lies, but these numbers are pretty simple and their truth is so crystal clear that it doesn’t take a data scientist to interpret them. (luckily for me) And the parasitic sucking is getting ever more hyper efficient. Way back in 2012 the average share of stock in these United States of America was held for a grand total of 22 seconds. (Apparently they had a LOT more time to waste four years ago when they only had 85% of the global wealth) Michael Hudson, a former Wall Street economist at Chase Manhattan Bank who also helped establish the world’s first sovereign debt fund recently said: “Take any stock in the United States. The average time Continue reading 11 Seconds of Parasitic Sucking