Some Poetry and Prose to Enhance the Soul.

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Todays post in my 15 posts in 15 days personal challenge is a bit of semi random poetic prose and a bit of prose-like poetry i wrote. Just cause. Poetic Prose: Life is a brilliantly conceived game that diametrically lulls you into complacency and smacks you upside the head with urgency. It’s fires rage hot and fierce even during interludes of seeming peace. It’s breathtaking grace in the face of overwhelmingness belies it’s deceptively short appearance. Life is best served by living it. By taking it, chewing it and enjoying it. The sour grapes, the bitter bite, the salty tears, the sweet joy and the complex umami. Life is a spicy, sweet, salty, sour, bitter explosion of flavors. EAT IT. Prosing Poetry:   I am a tortured soul not a victim of torture at victimizers hands but a soul none the less I dislike pain and avoid it but not at all costs seldom if any costs if truth be told truth is a hard truth to bear and seldom endured without return reasonableness is unreasonable in the best of times I seldom know the scope of it but often the war is clear Pain is not so much a thing Continue reading Some Poetry and Prose to Enhance the Soul.

What Does The Average American’s Inability To Merge Mean For Society At Large?

inability to merge

I ask a lot of questions. Too many damn questions if you ask my wife. So I was not at all surprised at myself when this question crashed into my head the other morning while waiting through the inconceivably moronic lines that are waiting behind the average American’s seeming inability to merge. The full impact of this question rammed into my brain at 8:04 am pacific standard time: What Does The Average American’s Inability To Merge Mean For Society At Large? And yes, I literally mean that. I literally thought that. Cause I’m a weirdo. But it’s not about me. it’s about all of you. Why the hell can’t Americans merge? Literally. Why? What is the definition of Merge: merge (mûrj) v. To cause to be absorbed, especially in gradual stages. v. To combine or unite:  merging two sets of data.  v. To blend together, especially in gradual stages. Throw even one American driver into a roundabout traffic circle and it will come to a screeching, screaming, fist shaking stop.  Ask any of your friends who live in other countries.  Why will it come to a stop? Because universally, American drivers can, literally, NOT merge. They lack either the ability or the attitude to merge Continue reading What Does The Average American’s Inability To Merge Mean For Society At Large?

Hunter vs. Farmer: The Mighty Coffee Hunter vs The Dirty Hands Coffee Farmer

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There is a never-ending debate raging deep within the Specialty Coffee world that is battling over the very foundation of what Specialty Coffee is and it’s place in our world. It is deeply embedded. So deep in fact that few people talk about it on any kind of regular basis. It is a foundational core belief and action structure that builds the warp and weave of the fabric of Specialty Coffee. On one hand there is the glorious dream of slapping a rustic rucksack over your shoulder, hopping on a rickety bush plane and swooping Indianan Jones style into a remote coffee jungle on the side of a volcano. The intrepid explorer arrives with grit and glory, ready to dispense the largess of their Only 88.6+ Coffee Sourcing Program like a benevolent Pope. With eagle-eyed clarity, luck based intuition, scarcely noticed white privilege and a finely-honed, cupping-calibrated-tongue insured for millions, the great mythical coffee hunter crashes like a fierce wave on the distant shore of coffee mediocrity. Crushing common coffee and coffee commoners like a 10 ton Moby Dick hell-bent on intimidation.  The Great and mighty Mythical Coffee Hunter swashbuckles, crusades and swoops, scoring the golden unicorn coffees of which legend tells. Continue reading Hunter vs. Farmer: The Mighty Coffee Hunter vs The Dirty Hands Coffee Farmer

In Defense of Friendly Coffee

friendly coffee

I am a YUGE fan of mind-blowing, amazing coffees with flavors that sparkle and dance and explode like pop-rocks on your tongue. I really like unbalanced, extreme flavors in coffee, beer and food. What I LOVE in coffee though is complexity of flavor, perfect balance, nuance, depth and refinement. I lose my mind over coffees that display the rarest of all attributes: a complete circle of flavor that has pleasant attributes from several section of the flavor wheel. Coffees balanced with both extremes in flavor and nuanced in refinement. Those coffees that are deeply sweet, well-balanced, display structured acidity and well-developed mouthfeel. Coffees where no single attribute or flavor dominates the flavor party. Coffees that are open and inviting and extraordinary but remarkably easy to receive. Friendly Coffees I typically despise the phrase “approachable coffees” not because of what they are, instead because of how the phrase too often justifies disingenuous actions. I am talking about coffees that are not approachable because they are dumbed down by an overly dark roast, bought because they have no flavor and are super cheap or brewed intentionally weak to remove flavor. I am talking about the opposite. To me Friendly Coffees are coffees that are Continue reading In Defense of Friendly Coffee

Gimme Back My Lunch Money!

no such thing as free lunch

The story is drilled deeply into our collective societal conscious. Happy school kid walking to school, backpack on their shoulder, without a care in the world. The sun shines its golden rays and the world is good and right. The gentle jingle of coins tinkles in their pocket with the promise of a delicious hot lunch at school. And then a sun blotting scourge appears, casting a shaft of darkness and fear on the sun child world. A bully gruffly demands it’s pound of flesh from the passing school kid. “Gimme your lunch money kid! Or I’ll pound ya!” Faced with a horrible choice not of his choosing the child has to decided between two evils. To get beat up or to have lunch. Most kids of course, being short-sighted and focused on short-term gain, choose the lesser of two evils. They avoid the pain and suffering of being beat up and humiliated now by trading away their future lunch. They give the bully their lunch money. Typically the bully still does a little beating just to ensure the victim knows who is boss. The school kid trudges off to school, more beaten down, less confident, more afraid, less sure Continue reading Gimme Back My Lunch Money!