Depth. Majesty. Silence so Loud it Roars. 

Slicing across the mighty Puget Sound on a ferry made of steel you still feel small and over matched. You lose all sense of time and place. All is enshrouded in the sound. It doesn’t overwhelm, it doesn’t need to. It is. Therefore you are as well. Moving stately across the waters, whilst seagulls pace […]

craft coffee

Is Craft Coffee a Bloody Triangle or a Balanced Square?

Specialty Coffee is a Journey. A long, arduous journey of seeming contradictions, nonsensical actions and a keen focus on the triple bottom line. This is not a Specialty Coffee only value by any stretch, but it is intrinsically interwoven into the very fabric of what Specialty Coffee means. When we are asked to define Specialty […]

eco-friendly coffee

12 Tiny Steps To Make Your Daily Coffee a More Eco-Friendly Experience

Coffee is a crazy thing. It travels from the other side of the world through dozens and dozens of caring hands before landing in your yours. It is also a potentially environment crushing behemoth if you don’t think through your actions when you finally get to brew the nectar of life. I found this pretty […]

for the love of coffee

Love In The Key of Coffee

A few weeks ago I waxed poetic about the amazing, world-changing people we were fortunate enough to work with at Barefoot Coffee. I had just returned from a trip to the Bay Area (te extraño!) and realized it was the 11th anniversary of the founding of Barefoot Coffee. I cried a lot, mostly with joy; […]

coffee import mexico

Every Coffee Has A Home. Yet Not Every Home Has Coffee.

The sun was rising with equatorial brilliance from the valley floor, casting it’s tingling rays upon my face. The cool, moist tropical breeze tickled my face with fern frond delicacy soothed away the lie of “roosters rise at dawn” still fresh in my mind after the damn rooster who stood righteously outside my little cabin […]