The Duplicitous Dichotomy of Divergence and the Brand Zombie Apocalypse

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It is stupid hot in San Diego county right now and half the county is literally on fire. So hot that they closed all the schools. That means me and my daughter are bored at home. Too hot to go outside, tired of being inside we did the logical thing: We went to Target because its cold inside. We ended up spending almost two hours there. (don’t judge me, you’ve done it too)   Homes destroyed, emergency declared as fires spread in California #SanDiegoFire — Mashable (@mashable) May 15, 2014   While wandering the aisles I noticed something that I have noticed before but somehow it stood out more this time. I tend to pay attention to certain prices of key, essential items like Craft Beer, green grapes, printer paper and magic cards. Yes my items are odd and random. I don’t shop that often at big box stores like Target. I don’t like them much. I avoid shopping at Wal-Mart with all my might and have only bought things there twice ever. Target isn’t much better but somehow it seems a bit better. One thing I notice almost every time I go to Target is that the Continue reading The Duplicitous Dichotomy of Divergence and the Brand Zombie Apocalypse

Growth Hacking- Reducing Friction < Improving Slide

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In a recent twitter conversation with @DanSlagan and (Bryan) @Clagett we were discussing some of Twitter’s recent acquisitions and what they might mean going forward. We had a lot of back and forth on the topic over the day. At one point about half way through Bryan said this: @DanSlagen @Brewbom There is possibility .. But it’s gotta be frictionless. The real value may lay in the data. — Bryan Clagett (@Clagett) January 17, 2014 I replied: @Clagett removing friction should be more about improving slide by improving product/service — Andy Newbom (@Brewbom) January 17, 2014 — I love the whole concept of removing friction. It is smart, objective focused and can lead to great UX. Which can lead to great growth which can lead to great revenue. However I have long advocated that instead of focusing on making it easier (Reduce friction) for customers to buy your product/service or take the next step we should focus more energy and time making our products/service more desired/needed (Improve slide) by customers. I had never before said it like that though till yesterday. I think I like the way it encapsulates the ideas visually and viscerally. Before focusing on ‘reducing friction’ focus Continue reading Growth Hacking- Reducing Friction < Improving Slide