In Defense of Friendly Coffee

friendly coffee

I am a YUGE fan of mind-blowing, amazing coffees with flavors that sparkle and dance and explode like pop-rocks on your tongue. I really like unbalanced, extreme flavors in coffee, beer and food. What I LOVE in coffee though is complexity of flavor, perfect balance, nuance, depth and refinement. I lose my mind over coffees that display the rarest of all attributes: a complete circle of flavor that has pleasant attributes from several section of the flavor wheel. Coffees balanced with both extremes in flavor and nuanced in refinement. Those coffees that are deeply sweet, well-balanced, display structured acidity and well-developed mouthfeel. Coffees where no single attribute or flavor dominates the flavor party. Coffees that are open and inviting and extraordinary but remarkably easy to receive. Friendly Coffees I typically despise the phrase “approachable coffees” not because of what they are, instead because of how the phrase too often justifies disingenuous actions. I am talking about coffees that are not approachable because they are dumbed down by an overly dark roast, bought because they have no flavor and are super cheap or brewed intentionally weak to remove flavor. I am talking about the opposite. To me Friendly Coffees are coffees that are Continue reading In Defense of Friendly Coffee

The All Epic Epicness of Being- Why You Shouldn’t Do What We Did

The food business is so stupidly stupid that it brings most people to their knees. We sold our coffee company to a seemingly brilliant business man who turned out to be a complete psychopath. He also raped and pillaged the business and left it dying and spastic on the sand after gutting it for maximum profit and flipping it for 3x what he paid us for it. The food business makes no sense whatsoever. You can spreadsheet it to death and never plumb its mysterious depths. The actions you would take in a normal business don’t work in the food business and usually backfire. Sure they work in non food businesses like fast food, crap beer and crap coffee but they don’t work in the food business, they work in the business of food. I feel that this subject deserves at least 42 hours of continuous effort, writing, editing and diatribing. Unfortunately I only have 30 minutes to write this before my self-imposed deadline of 30 blog posts in 30 days deadline slams down upon my virgin, quivering neck with quiet violence. Quivering is a stellar word. Joy Division is blasting my ear drums out as I type this in Continue reading The All Epic Epicness of Being- Why You Shouldn’t Do What We Did

The Perfect Pitch – Can You Really Get VC Laid In An Elevator?

the perfect startup pitch

There is a mythos surrounding the perfect pitch in the tech startup world.The mythical elevator pitch that you can whip out in under 30 seconds for that rare life changing moment when instead of getting your ass kicked by Solange you find that your elevator car mate is Marc Andreesen. You have practiced and polished it to razor-sharp perfection. You have so many pitch perfect words poised to pounce that cougars cower in fear when you approach. (Axe doesn’t work on cougars)   I was actually quite distressed by the whole Solange/Bey/Z situ – then this Geordi La Forge meme happened — Dan Carson (@ddancarson) May 13, 2014   Your pitch is tight, compelling, convincing, lust inspiring, forehead slapping perfection. Zero wasted words. Zero wasted time. Perfect product/market fit in less than 30 seconds. Although if it takes you the near eternity of 30 seconds to deliver your pitch in today’s market you are considered a dinosaur. The hot young hipsters are racing to perfect their one sentence perfect pitch. I’m not kidding. it’s a thing and they are dead serious. (And for the record I am very much in favor of this exercise as a tool to refine Continue reading The Perfect Pitch – Can You Really Get VC Laid In An Elevator?

Why Bud Light Drinkers Are More Beer Snobs Than I Am

craft beer snobs

I hate beer. It is nasty and flavorless. But I love Craft beer. It tastes fantastic, is full of flavor and complexity, is made with quality ingredients and tends to have interesting stories. It tastes nothing like crap beer. There is no price point at which mass produced crap American lagers like Bud Light, Coors and PBR are attractive to me. I would rather drink water than a watered down beer-like liquid. I have high standards for all food and drink from coffee and beer to tacos and cheese. I choose quality and flavor over crap and blandness. Does that make me a beer snob? To most Americans beer (and coffee) are supposed to be cheap, nasty or tasteless and have no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. Listen to a typical crap beer drinker and they will rail against all these damn craft beer hipsters ruining their beer enjoyment. They will grow incensed that anyone would or should pay more than $2 for a beer. (Or whatever mythical number they have decided is how much they pay for their beer) They ridicule anyone who prefers their food and drink to have flavor and be high quality. Arguing about why all beer should Continue reading Why Bud Light Drinkers Are More Beer Snobs Than I Am

San Diego Craft Beer Week Explodes With Awesomeness

I am sooo freaking excited! I will be pouring as a volunteer at the San Diego Beer Week Beer Guild VIP Brewers party on Friday November 1st. The San Diego Brewers Guild is awesome. San Diego Craft Beer is awesome. This Friday, San Diego Beer Week begins with the official kickoff event, the Guild Festival VIP Brewer Takeover, at the Port Pavilion at Broadway Pier from 6 – 9 p.m. This beer list was released this afternoon. Tickets are $75 for unlimited beer and food samples, plus the commemorative glass and live music. Day-of pricing will be $100 at the door. Day two of the Guild Festival is on Saturday, with both VIP ($55) and general admission ($40) tickets available. See all other SDBW events here. There are SO MANY amazing events going on its hard to choose which ones to go to! However the Friday November 1st event features these mind blowing beers and breweries (and me!)   And did I mention that my lovely wife Nanelle Newbom is now the Stone on Kettner Downtown Stone Store manager? yes indeed! and they open during San Diego Beer Week. Life is good my friends, very, very good.