Is Marketing Promotion, Product or Purpose?


I am a marketing geek. (And a coffee and beer geek) That means I get in a lot of philosophical discussions about marketing. I get into lively conversations with fellow marketing wonks about the details and the strategy of marketing. But I also tend to be an evangelist so I seldom shy away from hard discussions/arguments about marketing with those poor, unfortunate souls who are outside the marketing mothership. Just floating in the utterly dark void that is life outside of marketing. This week I posted my article about whether marketing should be held to a higher standard than engineering. I have a wide range of friends and acquaintances across social media. Although I tend to gravitate towards fellow misfits and outcasts. Not everyone in my circle of social is in marketing. (weird right?) When I posted the article above I wrote a lead-in to it that essential said that marketing is business and business is marketing. This idea ruffled the feathers of many people and made them quite agitated. The retorts landed squarely in two seemingly opposing camps as regards to business: Marketing is the beginning and end of business Production and/or engineering are the purpose of business The Continue reading Is Marketing Promotion, Product or Purpose?

Non Veni, Et Vidi, Vici – The Not Being There of the Modern Marketer

andy newbom

The traditional refrain of ‘you had to be there’ is thrown out quite often to impart the idea that ‘being there’ is essential to get the true impact of the story. Subtle nuance, implied head nods, semi-masked grimaces, political blow-back. it was all there for the naked eye to see and contemplate. Often what is not said is the true heart of communication in most companies. And that is an epic fail. Communication is communicating. Getting something across clearly, cleanly and understood. com·mu·ni·ca·tion [kuh-myoo-ni-key-shuh 1. the act or process of communicating; fact of being communicated. 2. the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs. 3. something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted.   There are a lot of business people who believe that most communication happens in unspoken forms, body language etc. And that to really get those one needs to be sitting across from the person in the interminable meeting while little to nothing gets solved.  Meetings can absolutely rock. Meetings can also absolutely suck your soul.   Typically in a job/consulting/work situation you can either: Be in the office all day Or work remotely (partial or fully remote) Regarding actual day-to-day work location there are typically two camps in business: You must be in your desk all day You can do your work from wherever The 3rd is my goal: no need to actually Continue reading Non Veni, Et Vidi, Vici – The Not Being There of the Modern Marketer

Entrepreneurs Are Lazy Workaholics

entrepreneurs are lazy

Entrepreneurs are lazy. Entrepreneurs are also workaholics. When I see a problem or inefficiency I must solve it. In part because of abhorring wasted effort and wasted time. Primarily because I see opportunity where others see only insurmountable challenges. When snowboarding or mountain biking I focus solely on the path and the destination. Quite literally the obstacles fuzz out into indistinct blobs surrounding the clearly obvious path to the, as clearly obvious, objective/destination way out there in front of us. It is sometimes hard to understand when most people don’t clearly see the obvious reward and destination on the clear path through overwhelming obstacles. Most entrepreneurs see the path that leads to the destination where others see the obstacles and challenges to avoid. That seems to be a pretty common trait amongst other entrepreneurs. It can often make it seem as if I am naive or blind to the challenges. I prefer to think of it as destination focused rather than obstacle focused. The keys to getting there are: Knowing where to go Knowing the path there Going there   Avoiding obstacles is easy if you are lazy enough. Click To Tweet Why tackle obstacles when you can avoid them. I am an Continue reading Entrepreneurs Are Lazy Workaholics