Author: Andy Newbom

  • Fundamentally Free

    Fundamentally Free

    We love the word free. Too much we love the word free.   Too seldom do we count the cost of free. to you, or to me.   It’s been a spell since I spelled , wrote or diatribes here. Gotta fix that ASAPily. And eventually, unfreely.  

  • Tortured Soul

    Tortured Soul

    I am a tortured soul   not a victim of torture at victimizers hands but a soul none the less.   I dislike pain and avoid it but not at all costs seldom if any costs if truth be told   truth is a hard truth to bear and seldom endured without return   reasonableness […]

  • Marketings Internal Job is to ask Why

    Marketings Internal Job is to ask Why

      In my absolutely un-humble opinion if you are looking for a marketing person who won’t question the product, the approach, the people and the price, and overall isn’t asking WHY?   Then you want a sales person not a marketing person.  

  • All About That Plan – My latest Roast magazine article

    The June/July issue of Roast magazine has my latest article! Roast_JulyAug17_a2_AllAboutThatPlan

  • Messaging is Messaging.

    Messaging is Messaging.

    Messaging is Messaging. Even When You Don’t Want It to, It Still Broadcasts. Choose your message with care. I am constantly amazed at how many times I hear intelligent, marketing savvy people say things like this: “But I’m not saying that X is all that matters or that Y isn’t true, I’m just doing Z!” What they […]