11 Seconds of Parasitic Sucking

The average share stock is held for a total of 11 seconds. Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you read that again. For me I had to reread it several times before I could even let it sink in. When it did, I felt my soul crack asunder. Not, sadly, because I did not expect it. In fact far worse I did expect it, I just had no idea how bad the numbers really were. Now I am the first one to argue that data always lies, but these numbers are pretty simple and their truth is so crystal clear that it doesn’t take a data scientist to interpret them. (luckily for me) And the parasitic sucking is getting ever more hyper efficient. Way back in 2012 the average share of stock in these United States of America was held for a grand total of 22 seconds. (Apparently they had a LOT more time to waste four years ago when they only had 85% of the global wealth) Michael Hudson, a former Wall Street economist at Chase Manhattan Bank who also helped establish the world’s first sovereign debt fund recently said: “Take any stock in the United States. The average time Continue reading 11 Seconds of Parasitic Sucking

How Much Is Your Vote Worth?

vote with your dollars

It’s a completely unreasonable question to ask. There are two decidedly opposing camps in the diatribacious debate. Camp Zero holds that in any contest or competition with competing sides that your vote has only the net weight of the winning side. And that conversely any vote cast for the losing side has a negative affect not only on your own personal vote, but on the whole of the vote population. Camp Hero holds that regardless of contesting or competing or convulsing your vote has a double power regardless of which side you vote on. And that not only does your vote count for what you voted for irregardless of which side actually wins the vote, but it also counts double because you voted for what you want and made a statement. So how much is your vote worth? Does your single, solitary vote get drowned in the miasma of millions of votes? Does your vote exist on a singular plane, shining in transcendent glory? Does your vote even count if you voted for the losing side? Or does your vote count because you voted it? Does your vote count more when it’s voted in order to make sure one side Continue reading How Much Is Your Vote Worth?