Fresh Start Toy

fresh start toy

I am not known to rock a microphone. But I am known to make decisions that I own. I seldom shy from massive decisions, radical turns or harrowing leaps. I relish them. Maybe it’s my version of being an adrenaline junky. My life has been relatively constant change. When I was a teenager my best pal Keith Teleki and I made a thing that makes absolutely no sense to those who don’t know he and I, but has the ring of great truth to those who do. We had a habit of fanatically attempting to outdo, often with frightful results, each others “gifts” to each other. One year for one of our birthdays, or Bastille day or Boxing day, one of us made a thing known simply as the Fresh Start Toy. It was quickly enhanced and enshrined by the Fresh Start Die. In describing it, no matter my finest with words and colorful descriptors, you will find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the hell am i talking about and why the hell would someone make such a thing. And you would be partially right. The partial right of the uninitiated and staid. It was, nevertheless created . And Continue reading Fresh Start Toy

Is Craft Coffee a Bloody Triangle or a Balanced Square?

craft coffe

Specialty Coffee is a Journey. A long, arduous journey of seeming contradictions, nonsensical actions and a keen focus on the triple bottom line. This is not a Specialty Coffee only value by any stretch, but it is intrinsically interwoven into the very fabric of what Specialty Coffee means. When we are asked to define Specialty Coffee or Craft Coffee we invariably espouse the benefits of each of the three pillars of profit. Some focus primarily on two of the three, some strive to balance the three, but the vast majority of us societal misfits stick doggedly by our conviction that not only CAN we achieve a balanced triple bottom line but that we SHOULD achieve it. That it is in fact the very purpose of what we believe the business of coffee is based on. In my view the three pillars of Craft Coffee are a balanced focus on: Delicious, quality coffee Honoring craftspeople Getting more people to support both In my view the three pillars of the BUSINESS of Craft Coffee are: People Empowerment Ecological Benefit Financial Profit Put in more marketing style alteration I decided on these: People Planet Profit Done correctly, these three are mutually supportive, triply Continue reading Is Craft Coffee a Bloody Triangle or a Balanced Square?

Luck : Were You Born With It Or Was It Mabeline?

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All of us in America are absurdly lucky. We live in one of the most obscenely prosperous nations on the planet. Our government, although woefully financially corrupt, has a wonderful track record of not taking it out on us physically anywhere near as often as other governments have. The vast majority of us not only don’t go to sleep hungry, we also eat 4-6 giant meals a day and fall asleep in a high-tech mattress in a safe and secure home. If you have yet to live in another country and venture out past the “gringo zone” let me assure you that this is not even close to what the heartbreakingly large majority of the planet experiences on a daily basis. I have no interest in causing any untoward feelings of guilt with all of this. It is merely fodder to reinforce the basic tenet that we are: Absurdly; fantastically lucky. Stupid lucky. Like, seriously, stupidly lucky.   This past year has been a hell of a year for me and my family. Filled with massive amounts of chaos, upheaval, change, disaster, despair, delight, success, epic failure and massive amounts of luck. Most of the luck has been of the Continue reading Luck : Were You Born With It Or Was It Mabeline?

8 Stunning Things You May Not Know About My Wife – But After 25 Years of Marriage, I Do

Nanelle Newbom

My wife Nanelle and I have been together for most of our lives. We have been together now longer than we have been apart. Our 25th wedding anniversary is this year and we are pretty darned happy about that. She and I are proof of two adages: Opposites attract My wife Nanelle and I are radically, almost diametrically opposed people. Who share a massive amount of similarities. In short we are married. We think so completely differently it is crazy, while at the same time having almost identical thought destinations. We start out from opposing places in ideas and approaches, but we tend to more often than not arrive at the same destination. I tend to arrive in a  tangled, dirty, chaotic, fiery skid, of glory while she tends to arrive in a bit more disciplined, well toned, cleaner fiery skid of glory. (we like blazes of glory.) But in most things we are radical opposites. When the going gets tough, the tough come together We have been through an amazing amount of gloriousness, chaos, failure, success, leaping before looking, crash landings, drama, pain, joy, sadness, exhilaration and children.  (sorry that last one was a repeat of the first 10 Continue reading 8 Stunning Things You May Not Know About My Wife – But After 25 Years of Marriage, I Do

Big Idea Generation Machine – Shower or Sleep?

flash of genius

I almost never have any big ideas in the shower. Apparently I am a weirdo because so many people talk about all the best ideas they have in the shower. Not me. I’m not sure if it is because I tend to take pretty quick showers since I have lived in the southern California desert for a long time so water feels crazy precious to me. Or, if it’s because I take showers in the morning and am not awake yet. Coffee is a helluva drug. But either way I can not remember more than one or two times ever having a flash of insight (or pretty much any other coherent thoughts) in the shower. And as far as I can tell from research and talking to people I know: That makes me a weirdo. OK maybe a lot of other things make me a weirdo. But the overwhelming majority of my life changing, flashes of brilliant OMG ideas have come from my dreams. Literally. I dream about the big idea in full technicolor, rousing soundtrack, glorious smells and all. Then I shoot awake shouting “OMG THAT”S IT!” My lovely wife has gotten pretty used to this by now so she Continue reading Big Idea Generation Machine – Shower or Sleep?