Extreme B2B Crowdsourcing & Marketing Done Right

Vala Afshar is the CMO of Extreme Networks and a blistering vortex of great ideas and brilliant content.

Last week he launched a marketing first for a B2B company. They are crowdsourcing their new corporate identity via social media.

extreme networks B2B marketing

You can cast your vote here Extreme Networks Vote.

their CEO, Charles Berger said this to explain their rationale behind the unique concept:

[quote style=”boxed”] As a social business, we work hard to nurture an inclusive culture, because together is always better. [/quote]

There have been other more consumer focused vote for our logo ideas before such as Yahoo’s logo vote scenario. But this appears to be a first for a B2B company. And as far as I can tell it is a first of its kind to include a drawing with some serious prizes as well.

extreme networks logo vote


And even more interesting is that not only do they show you the 4 logos (all radically different) but they show you how those logos will look in multiple use cases and formats. It made a huge difference to me seeing them in actual use. Before i saw these photos I was having a hard time deciding. But seeing them on t-shirts, billboards and in print I chose #1 as the clear winner.

B2b marketing examples


What do you think? is this a brilliant or blase example of B2B marketing?


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