Wonderfully Refreshing Use of an Infographic to Drive Engagement

infographic marketing

Brilliant, topical, timely and relevant!

The team over at Atomic Reach hold a weekly twitter chat called #atomicchat held every week at 6PM (PST)-9PM (EST). Atomic Reach makes a suite of tools that can improve your blogging and content marketing with best practices and actionable advice. Highly recommend them and I use them on my blog.

infographic marketing

I was honored to have been asked by them to be the guest of honor at one of their Chats. it was called Content Marketing: Strategy or Tactic. it was an extremely lively discussion about content marketing strategies and tactics. They routinely have a large number of highly skilled, knowledgable marketing pros participating and adding insight and actionable advice and tactics. I highly recommend you join it. For a pretty good tool to participate in tweetchats I sue Tweetdeck and Tweetchat.com as well.

So Atomic Reach hosts a strong twitter chat every week and does a bang up job of it (Summer Luu rocks it).

However they came up with a truly brilliant little marketing growth hack to make a splash AFTER the tweetchat! They took the questions they asked and the best answers hand curated and created a sexy cool infographic to showcase it all visually! And then they got extra smart and hosted it on slideshare and told everyone who was listed in it about it. And what did all of us do?


here it is: I am SOOOOOOOOOO stealing this idea Summer and team. hope you don’t mind. Absolutely brilliant marketing.

By Andy Newbom

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