Can You Hire an Entrepreneur?

should you hire an entrepreneur

There is a great deal of myth and legend surrounding the idea of entrepreneurs. Investors love entrepreneurs because we make them lots of money. Of course we lose them lots of money even more often. Employees love entrepreneurs because they create jobs and a culture that is inspiring and exciting. The media loves entrepreneurs because of all of the above and quite often the best and worst entrepreneurs make compelling stories. Stories sell. Entrepreneurs are not normal people. They don’t think like most other people. They don’t think like investors. The whole risk vs reward relationship is horribly skewed in their minds. Rewards burn brighter than the sun and eclipse most risks into dark, shapeless voids. To me the essence of an entrepreneur is questioning everything. Taking nothing for granted and constantly asking why. In today’s startup and entrepreneur obsessed culture there is a lot of founder worship and startup envy. I am at heart an entrepreneur, not because I have started five different companies and had 3 successful exits, but because when I get bit by the bug of a unique solution to a compelling problem I literally can not NOT do it. The bigger the obstacles the bigger Continue reading Can You Hire an Entrepreneur?

SocialMediaToday – 5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Email Marketing

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Article written for Email marketing is often misunderstood. Email Marketing professionals often battle misconceptions, misunderstandings and misanthropy in explaining what we do and why we do it. From defending our email campaigns from the CFO who thinks we “send free letters” to convincing our mom’s that we aren’t those evil spammers, it seems the email marketer is often maligned from every side. Most people see us as one of these stereotypes: Evil spammers filling inboxes with unwanted junk Boring ‘newsletter’ writers filling inboxes with unwanted junk Brilliant marketers creating value and ROI at the heart of digital marketing (Well maybe not too many on this one…) Unfortunately some of these misconceptions come from our own behaviors. Some are obvious, some are simple mistakes and some are old practices that need to change. For the last few months I have been working with some of the best email-marketing professionals on adding better data intelligence to email marketing to change the behaviors that create these misconceptions. From misunderstandings to mistaken assumptions, these same points bubble up consistently regardless of industry. I developed a fresh appreciation for the challenges of building and executing an effective email-marketing program. The trial of never ending Continue reading SocialMediaToday – 5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Email Marketing