SocialMediaToday – 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates in Under an Hour

  Your email marketing campaigns have been humming along nicely. You built a great subscriber list with double opt-in subscription, smart segmenting, and the best email service provider (ESP). You have a strong brand, killer offers, brilliant creative, and a stunning responsive website. And your email open rates are flat-lining or declining. Is it you, or your subscribers? Most people (especially us marketers) don’t like to open emails from people or brands they do not know or trust. That’s part of the reason why “Junk” or “Spam” folders exist. The last thing you want is for people to mistake your email for one of those unwanted and unsolicited messages. It pays to take a step back and look at your email marketing from the customer’s perspective. It is remarkably easy to get buried in the fire drill of getting each email out the door, and difficult to find the time to pause and focus on email fundamentals. And you most likely have a whole suite of stakeholders that you have to appease to get each email approved and sent. Let’s focus on simple things you can do today to increase your email open rates quickly.   Here are three simple ways to Continue reading SocialMediaToday – 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates in Under an Hour

SocialMediaToday – 5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Email Marketing

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Article written for Email marketing is often misunderstood. Email Marketing professionals often battle misconceptions, misunderstandings and misanthropy in explaining what we do and why we do it. From defending our email campaigns from the CFO who thinks we “send free letters” to convincing our mom’s that we aren’t those evil spammers, it seems the email marketer is often maligned from every side. Most people see us as one of these stereotypes: Evil spammers filling inboxes with unwanted junk Boring ‘newsletter’ writers filling inboxes with unwanted junk Brilliant marketers creating value and ROI at the heart of digital marketing (Well maybe not too many on this one…) Unfortunately some of these misconceptions come from our own behaviors. Some are obvious, some are simple mistakes and some are old practices that need to change. For the last few months I have been working with some of the best email-marketing professionals on adding better data intelligence to email marketing to change the behaviors that create these misconceptions. From misunderstandings to mistaken assumptions, these same points bubble up consistently regardless of industry. I developed a fresh appreciation for the challenges of building and executing an effective email-marketing program. The trial of never ending Continue reading SocialMediaToday – 5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Email Marketing

Email Growth Hacks for Successful Marketers

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Article written for and appeared first on Technorati Growth Hacking Your Email with up to 20% Increases in Opens and Clicks Using “Rocket Science” Growth hacking is hotter than Hansel. Rightly so, as it takes the best parts of consumer mass marketing, omni-channel social media, email best practices, a spicy pinch of guerrilla marketing and the magic of a MMORPG. Throw in some sweet tech tricks and you have a potentially profitable stew. Two of the leading voices advocating growth hacking techniques are Growth Hacker TV and Typically growth hacking is talked about and used the most by young, hungry startups looking to leverage their moxy and brash ‘techosity’ into internet millions. (Or at least millions of fans) Take a bunch of smart, ambitious people, limit their budget, focus their scope on 1-2 key objectives and then growth hack the hell out of it! The results can be spectacular. By its nature marketing is mid to long-term and not typically focused on immediate, short-term gains. (It can of course generate substantial short-term results if executed flawlessly) The not so hip and sexy-cool core of almost every successful digital marketing program is email. Yeah it’s not as sexy as social Continue reading Email Growth Hacks for Successful Marketers

4 Takeaways, 50 Hot Cars and 1 Zombie Survival

The Integrated Marketing Forum is an annual conference focused on guiding organizations towards developing a well-integrated marketing program. Each year the team at Rhythm Interactive focus on one core area of integrated marketing. This year’s focus was on developing a content marketing strategy. The keynote speaker was the king of content marketing, Joe Puluzzi of Content Marketing Institute fame and author of the book Epic Content Marketing. Having attended a plethora of conferences in quite a few locations this was by far one of the coolest locations for a conference I have been to. The surroundings were apropos of the theme of being king of the road by creating epic content. Held in the middle of the Marconi Auto Museum in Tustin, CA we were surrounded by 50 of the most breathtaking luxury sports cars imaginable. From a pair of hand built Ferraris owned by the Sultan of Brunei to the ultra 70’s sexiness of the yellow convertible Ferrari built for Cher to the stainless steel awesomeness of the Delorean the surroundings resonated even for non car geeks. Even more inspiring were the excellent speakers lined up to educate about the success of great content marketing. Fantastic speakers such as Continue reading 4 Takeaways, 50 Hot Cars and 1 Zombie Survival