Why is HR Not Part of Marketing Already?

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Marketing has come a long way. 2013 saw the massive dominance of the social business mindset in marketing with content marketing, utility, social media and customer focus driving the pace of change. Nearly every part of modern businesses now realize that they are part of marketing in some aspect. Even the staid bastion of cost centers that was typically only run by spreadsheet, the customer service department, has started the inexorable march towards being customer and marketing focused. it seems that every week we read about some amazing new brand or organization integrating marketing into its core operations. Sales, Customer Service, IT and even operations are realizing that in today’s uber connected, collaborative economy the power has shifted towards the crowd. The crowd is where marketing excels. Sales cares what anyone thinks. Marketing cares what everyone thinks. If you are a brand (we all are) then there are three types of crowds: Customers Prospects Employees I have been thinking a lot this year about the role of HR and recruiting in our modern world. I recently returned to the US and for the first time in 15 years I had the misfortune of trying to get a job. Few things Continue reading Why is HR Not Part of Marketing Already?

Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers – Technorati Feature

Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers (Article first published on Technorati.com as Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers – How Does Addvocate Help You Engage?) Engaged employees are one of an organization’s biggest assets. So what is an engaged employee? Engaged employees produce twice as much work product in the same time as unengaged employees. 40%-80% of customer satisfaction is directly affected by employee attitudes, according to the National Business Research Institute. Great brands such as Southwest Airlines, Apple and IBM have achieved their success in part by focusing on employees first, and customers second. They put great effort into building employee engagement. They empower their teams to be proactive and solution oriented. When employees are engaged they tend to also be happy and they do what all people do: they actively tell other people about what they are interested in. Engaged employees become brand advocates and reach out to and build engaged customers, and they are using social media tools to do this in ever increasing numbers. And customers are listening. With the ubiquity of social media an organization’s brand is being affected and influenced more than ever by what customers are saying about the brand. (not what the brand is saying about Continue reading Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers – Technorati Feature