Social Media Strategy = Achieving Business Objectives

Social Media strategy

Social Media Strategy = Achieving Business Objectives Using Social Media Tools. Too often we as Social Media professionals get excited and into the tools we use to do our jobs. We go gaga over the new upload capability for Instagram videos; we freak out over the new changes to EdgeRank on Facebook or we rant about proper Twitter etiquette. All of those things are important. However they are all simply tools in our arsenal to proactively attack the Brand Experience Gap and to drive to achieving business objectives. Social Media is a Tool. Social Media Strategy is the Reason we use those tools. Frequently when we talk about Social Media we focus on the tools, the technology and the technique. Crucial things all, however the reason we use tools it to more efficiently achieve the desired result. Tools provide leverage. According to Wikipedia  Strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. The knowledge of constructing, obtaining and using TOOLS is technology. Technology is not strategy. Tools are tactics.  Strategy is mostly the WHY. Tools are primarily the How, Where, When and What. Of course there is a great amount of strategy involved in WHY you Continue reading Social Media Strategy = Achieving Business Objectives

#SocialFresh West Finale Day 2- The Brainsplosion of Goodness

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Why has always been more important than What or How. Absolutely blown away by the quality, talent, strategy and brilliance of the speakers and attendees at #SocialFresh West San Diego 2013. The talent and power was epic and palpable. Jason Keath and team put together a remarkable event. kudos and praise heaps a plenty. I have been to a lot of conferences and not one of them has been as focused on strategy and the WHY of things as this one. THere was a plethora of HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE answers, tips, data, facts and advice. But the mind-blowing was reserved for the overwhelming cornucopia of WHY. The strategy behind WHAT we all do. There is no way I can fully synthesize how much I learned, how pumped and excited I am and how many new things I learned from two radically informative days. of course there was an avalanche of awesomeness about using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and all the other social media tools,; but more than that was the depth of interest in the WHY, the strategery if you will, My personal love affair. I will be synthesizing my “Jack Handy’s” (deep thoughts) on the take aways from the Continue reading #SocialFresh West Finale Day 2- The Brainsplosion of Goodness

Social Fresh West 2013- San Diego

Social fresh social media san diego 2013

This weekend August 22-23rd, 2013 here in sunny San Diego is the preeminent Social Media Marketing conference for Social Media and Community Manager professionals. Its called Social Fresh West It promises to be a jam packed two days of intense Social Media, Marketing and Branding power. The speaker list is so stacked towards excellence as to be hard to believe. Including luminaries such as: Brian Solis from Altimeter Christi McNeil from Southwest Airlines Adrian Parker from Intuit Sarah Evans from Svens Strategy Dan Zarella from Hubspot Jason Miller from LinkedIn and so MANY more!

Give ’em What You Do Best

There are a multitude of ways to think about marketing and the relationship between your brand and your customer.  Most often we hear the tried and true platitudes about the customer that go like this: The Customers is always right The Customer is king! Always give the Customer what they want And you know what? Most of the time they are right. Giving the customer exactly what they want is often one of the best ways to get rich (or die tryin’). However in many markets where what you are giving your customers is NOT the lowest common denominator commodity product or service this is often one of the worst possible strategies you can employ to build real, lasting brand engagement. For those of us in specialty, rare, artisan or just plain hard to do industries where what we are doing is the opposite of bottom line commodity we have found that a wholly different approach works best. For the last 10 years I have operated on this principal: Never give customers what they want. Only Give them what you do Best. If you do that (assuming that what you do best is truly the best AND solves a customer Continue reading Give ’em What You Do Best