30 By 30, Writing 30 Posts In 30 Days And Liking It

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Today marks the 30th blog post I have written in the last 30 days. One a day for 30 straight days. I did not miss a day. I even managed to write an odd little ditty the one day I did not get to my computer until 11:30 pm and only had 30 minutes to crank something out. It was not spectacular but I wrote it. To recap: I decided on April 22nd to write 30 blog posts in 30 days – just because I did not set any particular topics or ideas I made it a self rule to not go back and edit or change any of them unless there was a mistake It was an awesome experience and fantastic, highly recommend exercise. I am not sure if my writing got any better but my ability to write has improved dramatically. I can not fairly easily start typing a title and then find that I have written 800-1000 words on that subject. I have managed to not wander too far off the reservation in each post and sometimes I have managed to actually capture my thoughts into ill-formed, wiggly little words. Many of my marketing friends have expressed Continue reading 30 By 30, Writing 30 Posts In 30 Days And Liking It

The Duplicitous Dichotomy of Divergence and the Brand Zombie Apocalypse

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It is stupid hot in San Diego county right now and half the county is literally on fire. So hot that they closed all the schools. That means me and my daughter are bored at home. Too hot to go outside, tired of being inside we did the logical thing: We went to Target because its cold inside. We ended up spending almost two hours there. (don’t judge me, you’ve done it too)   Homes destroyed, emergency declared as fires spread in California http://t.co/vHl9Ah14ft #SanDiegoFire pic.twitter.com/y5WcTXdelR — Mashable (@mashable) May 15, 2014   While wandering the aisles I noticed something that I have noticed before but somehow it stood out more this time. I tend to pay attention to certain prices of key, essential items like Craft Beer, green grapes, printer paper and magic cards. Yes my items are odd and random. I don’t shop that often at big box stores like Target. I don’t like them much. I avoid shopping at Wal-Mart with all my might and have only bought things there twice ever. Target isn’t much better but somehow it seems a bit better. One thing I notice almost every time I go to Target is that the Continue reading The Duplicitous Dichotomy of Divergence and the Brand Zombie Apocalypse

Just Because it’s Valuable Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Spam.

I had a pretty awesome conversation over Twitter today with some wicked smart people about the topic of social media spam. I saw a post by Leo, the CEO of Buffer.   How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media: http://t.co/LovAVFDOwp via @KISSmetricspic.twitter.com/emxpkyN8Q9 — Leo Widrich (@LeoWid) May 12, 2014     Then Adam Singer who works at Google replied that he felt this was a spam posting. I started a conversation with Adam and my friend and superstar marketer Nick Cicero jumped in. It was a spirited back and forth conversation that dived into what is spam on social media, what is the value and benefit of content marketing in general and more. Adam felt the tweet was spam because this was the second time it was posted.     @Brewbom it’s spam to me if I see the same link from same brand/person 2x. Spam is subjective. Go ahead & do whatever you want of course. — Adam Singer (@AdamSinger) May 12, 2014   Then Nick jumped in. Since the original post was at least loosely content marketing. @Brewbom @AdamSinger in general most content marketing is regurgitation of the same thing over and over til eventually you Continue reading Just Because it’s Valuable Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Spam.

The Day I Realized I Was A Writer

I don’t really consider myself a writer. But I write a lot. All signs point to one incontrovertible truth: I am, in fact, a writer. In fact I am a professional writer.  As in I get paid to write. Apparently some people like either what i say or how I say it. That’s good cause I tend to say it my way. At my last project I built a foundation of social media and content marketing along with buyer personas, editorial calendars and more. I wrote a lot every day, from blog posts to white papers, case studies, emails and more. It seems the written word dogs my every step. I have actually written since I was a preteen. I am what the industry terms a ‘voracious reader’. I read like other people watch TV. If it was up to me I would not even have a TV or cable. As it is I have not turned it on myself in more than a year. I read very quickly and comprehend even faster. I always have. When I was young it was my one escape. Now it is my love. I got the reading bug from my mom who is a Continue reading The Day I Realized I Was A Writer

Should Marketing Be Held To A Higher Standard Than Engineering?

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Should marketing work product: blog posts, tweets, webpages, PR, product descriptions, onboarding, customer service, tag-lines, logos, articles, influencer marketing, case studies and all the other 1,000 marketing things we do be held to a higher standard of perfection than the engineering work product: software code, hardware, and UI? In other words which disciplines work product has a greater negative affect when it’s not perfect? Part of the argument centers around the impact of less than perfect work product and how easy it is to fix versus how much of a negative it is when it’s wrong. A core tenet of smart, modern marketing and engineering teams is the idea that: Done is better than perfect. Click To Tweet This is a pretty radical approach. It started with the lean and agile style software development teams and morphed into the concept of minimum viable product (MVP) and lean startup. In other words do the absolutely bare minimum work to get the absolute bare minimum product into the hands of the potential customers as fast as possible. This is predicated on the idea that the vast majority of startups have no earthly idea what they are trying to do or what their Continue reading Should Marketing Be Held To A Higher Standard Than Engineering?