The 4 Essential Social Media Tools That Rock


I am a social butterfly. I flit, I fly, I flutter. I also use tools. (Is that the definition of metrosexual?) And if there is one thing that my years as a chef, barista, coffee roaster and beer brewer taught me: The right tool is essential. Be it a professional, sharpenable chefs knife, the perfect tamper, or a digital hydrometer the better the tool the better the result. Tools do not make you a pro, but pros are better with better tools. Having a kick butt 9″ ceramic Wusthof does not make your dish Iron Chef worthy, nor your shallots minced perfectly evenly like little diamonds of deliciousness without the skill and talent to use it well. But it sure helps. Having a stainless 58.1mm Reg Barber concave Bubinga does not make your espresso extract in perfect glorious technicolor unless you also have the training and skill to get all the variables right and use it correctly. I am not a photographer. No matter how expensive my camera is I just am not a pro photographer. I tested this hypothesis with my friend Jeff Taylor of PT’s Coffee. He is a former photo journalist and he has not lost his Continue reading The 4 Essential Social Media Tools That Rock

Social Fresh West Conference Day 1- Social Power Overload

andy newbom social fresh bowtie

Jello Biafra said: Don’t be afraid of the media, BE the media Day 1 of the Social Fresh West conference was so powerful and badass that we managed to make #socialfresh one of the top trending hashtags in America most of the day. My iPad was filled almost to full with digital notes, photos, new friends and twitter posts. My brain was actually overfilled approximately 4.3 times and I reckon (although the numbers are still early) that I received at least $1Million in knowledge transfers today from the stunningly great minds speaking and attending. Did I mention I learned how to wear a Bow Tie from the master Sebastian Rusk and sported one?       Here are some brief highlights from the speakers: @CC_Chapman spoke about Influencer Marketing, some tidbits below: You can build a brand through influencers if you do it right Success= planning working with influencers MUST be a two way relationship Influencers: Time is money, dont give it away free Think beyond the launch! strategize on long term campaign Always give influencers ALL of the tools they need to do their role Build friendships, friends share friends Brands: shine your light on the influencers work mightly! Continue reading Social Fresh West Conference Day 1- Social Power Overload

The Facebook ~ Twitter Autopost Conundrum

cross-posting facebook and twitter

To auto cross-post or not, that is the question. Or is it? Since you don’t have time to post on both Facebook and Twitter you figured out that you can make either one of them autopost to the other. it’s freaking awesome! Cause now you can write your snappy little post on Facebook talking about you totally got this new product that everyone surely wants, and magic-poof! it automatically updates your twitter with the same awesome message. Literally, like freaking magic! (almost as magical as magnets) So to return to the question of: To auto cross-post or not? I find that is in fact NOT the question at all. The question is really WHY are you posting on either social media platform? I’m not going to go into a complex dissertation about Social Media Marketing Strategy here (yet). But the real question you should be asking is what does your community want to hear? And what conversation do you want to have with them? (or at least what do you want them to do?) if you don’t know the answer to that question put down the keyboard and find the answer before you post on any social media platform. Seriously, Continue reading The Facebook ~ Twitter Autopost Conundrum

Social Fresh West 2013- San Diego

Social fresh social media san diego 2013

This weekend August 22-23rd, 2013 here in sunny San Diego is the preeminent Social Media Marketing conference for Social Media and Community Manager professionals. Its called Social Fresh West It promises to be a jam packed two days of intense Social Media, Marketing and Branding power. The speaker list is so stacked towards excellence as to be hard to believe. Including luminaries such as: Brian Solis from Altimeter Christi McNeil from Southwest Airlines Adrian Parker from Intuit Sarah Evans from Svens Strategy Dan Zarella from Hubspot Jason Miller from LinkedIn and so MANY more!