Social Fresh West Conference Day 1- Social Power Overload

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Jello Biafra said: Don’t be afraid of the media, BE the media

Day 1 of the Social Fresh West conference was so powerful and

andy newbom social fresh bowtiebadass that we managed to make #socialfresh one of the top trending hashtags in America most of the day.

My iPad was filled almost to full with digital notes, photos, new friends and twitter posts. My brain was actually overfilled approximately 4.3 times and I reckon (although the numbers are still early) that I received at least $1Million in knowledge transfers today from the stunningly great minds speaking and attending.

Did I mention I learned how to wear a Bow Tie from the master Sebastian Rusk and sported one?




Here are some brief highlights from the speakers:

@CC_Chapman spoke about Influencer Marketing, some tidbits below:

  • You can build a brand through influencers if you do it right
  • Success= planning
  • working with influencers MUST be a two way relationship
  • Influencers: Time is money, dont give it away free
  • Think beyond the launch! strategize on long term campaign
  • Always give influencers ALL of the tools they need to do their role
  • Build friendships, friends share friends
  • Brands: shine your light on the influencers work mightly!
  • Keep the relationship growing

Dan Zarella of Hubspot spoke marketing science

  • marketing and social media needs to be based on art and science
  • pro tip: try emailing on the weekends
  • If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense
  • Conversion rates by content type was 23% with word webinar or whitepaper
  • Users want eBooks to be either SUPER short, <5 pages or SUPER long >100 pages
  • Free is powerful and huge on landing pages but can get spam caught on emails
  • Asking peoples age massively harms conversion rates and people hate giving their street address early in sales funnel
  • Send more emails more often, subscribers fall of when email is too infrequent

Katie Mores of Billboard Music talked about What t post, where, when and why

  • if you wondering if Google+ was relevant @billboard has over 2 million followers on it, DOUBLE that of Facebook
  • their goals for social media: Drive revenue, improve brand experience, develop a global comunity
  • Analyze each platform not all content and posts should go on all platforms, pick your weapon
  • EVERYTHING for them posts back to Twitter, because Twitter is where the REAL conversations happen
  • Tumbler is ALL about animated gifs
  • Instagram is great for back stage, process photos
  • Google+ is like Facebook with killer SEO and double the fan base

Jason Miller at Linkedin talked about being Badass on slideshare

  • Linkedin is moving towards a content publishing model NOT just a networking site
  • Slideshare is one of the top 150 websites on earth in terms of visits
  • For slideshare decks: keep it short and sweet and VISUAL – 5-15 pages
  • Be badass, be the authority on your topic
  • Visual is the new headline, headlines get read 5x more than body copy
  • Jello Biafra said: Don’t be afraid of the media, BE the media.
  • Slideshare is KILLER for SEO domination
  • Always create a custom slide deck for slideshare

justin Kistner of Shopigniter talked about Beyond the click, follow the NEWS FEED! (one of my favorite talks)

  • facebook News feeds converts sales well
  • Mobile is a HUGE deal NOW, 71% of ALL of Facebook traffic is mobile
  • He suggests putting 100% of your energy into mobile and whatevers left do for desktop
  • Social 2.0 is: Mobile, news feeds, decentralized into the feed, social optimized landing pages, paid marketing customer, conversion
  • Old Social was all about engagement but it must be about conversion to revenue
  • Social optimized landing pages are html5, and responsive, fast loading times, native integration into mobile, use facebook conversion specs, open graph actions etc
  • Apple autoblocks 3rd party cookies by default so ROI measurement MUSt be native to mobile!
  • text based status updates have more reach and impressions than photos on facebook
  • link open rate on social media is 0.3% which is WAY higher than traditional media
  • Average of 4.4% conversion rate on social media
  • Social landing pages must be focused, focused, focused

Paula Berg from Linhart PR on feeling the company Luv

  • Not all companies feel the luv for their company and have to work harder to build it
  • she gave 4 awesome examples of how they built love for different companies in radically different ways all awesome and inspiring
  • “pull back a bit and look at the problem and find the REAL emotional connection with the customer

Adrian Parker from Intuit spoke on Put a ring on it, moving beyond social engagement

  • ROI= what we gain divided by what we gave
  • Disconnected desired outcomes among key stakeholders drives tension in social media
  • Leadership is a pool, vision is singular, use it
  • In a business relationship you have to deliver 3 positive experiences fro every 1 negative experience
  • business tools for social media:
    • Think (systems and process and CRM)
    • Say (feedback and surveys etc)
    • Do (research, test and implement)
    • Feel (recommendations and reviews)
  • When trust is high speed of business goes up and ROI goes up
  • Provide a Reason to care AND a reason to share
  • Start monitoring what you can any way you can
  • give your team time to learn and test

Can not wait till tomorrow! so many awesome sponsors to talk to as well!

What did you learn at Social Fresh West?

By Andy Newbom

My name is Andy Newbom. At this time there are less than 10 Newboms in the world. Not sure if thats good or bad.


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