Laser or Discoball: Can You Sum Up What Your Company Does in 140 Characters?

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Focus is exceptionally powerful. Lasers are focused. Disco Balls are not. And although both can make the party a whole lot more fun, only one of the can accomplish real world objectives. Look at your company’s website and marketing materials. What do you see? What do they say you do? Can you sum up your benefits in 140 characters or less? If not you might have a case of disco ball fever: big on shiny lights and short on strategy. Leave the shiny disco ball at the club. If you want to burn through all the dross and reach your objectives you need to have a laser like focus on driving customer value.  A highly focused laser is a powerful tool when applied properly to the correct problem. Choose the right tool for the job. Stay focused and use disco balls to enliven the party and lasers to get stuff done.

Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers – Technorati Feature

Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers (Article first published on as Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers – How Does Addvocate Help You Engage?) Engaged employees are one of an organization’s biggest assets. So what is an engaged employee? Engaged employees produce twice as much work product in the same time as unengaged employees. 40%-80% of customer satisfaction is directly affected by employee attitudes, according to the National Business Research Institute. Great brands such as Southwest Airlines, Apple and IBM have achieved their success in part by focusing on employees first, and customers second. They put great effort into building employee engagement. They empower their teams to be proactive and solution oriented. When employees are engaged they tend to also be happy and they do what all people do: they actively tell other people about what they are interested in. Engaged employees become brand advocates and reach out to and build engaged customers, and they are using social media tools to do this in ever increasing numbers. And customers are listening. With the ubiquity of social media an organization’s brand is being affected and influenced more than ever by what customers are saying about the brand. (not what the brand is saying about Continue reading Engaged Employees Build Engaged Customers – Technorati Feature