Hands Dirty and Knee Deep in the Messy, Risky Act of Creation

creation is messy

  I am most engaged, satisfied and passionate when I am getting my hands and mind dirty knee deep in the active creation process. It’s a risky, chaotic, intuitive process. Both in business and in life there are two differing positions that you can be in. Hands dirty and knee deep in it creating Or hands-off above it all doing the minding Both have incredible value, both are needed and can provide satisfaction and quality. I know many great people who are exceptional at the hands-off, above the fray minding level. I’m not one of them. I’m a hands dirty, get in there and literally create things kind of person. it doesn’t always have to be physical creation, but it must involve creating. David Maister wrote a classic treatise on Managing The Professional Service Firm. In this book Maister outlines a simple concept postulating that in business there are basically three types of people and roles. Finders (leaders, idea and product creators, rainmakers etc) Minders (managers, builders, operation management, accounting etc) Grinders (Doers, the more technical work, contributors) I have always wished that i was a better minder. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be exceptional finders and strong grinders and hire Continue reading Hands Dirty and Knee Deep in the Messy, Risky Act of Creation

Luck : Were You Born With It Or Was It Mabeline?

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All of us in America are absurdly lucky. We live in one of the most obscenely prosperous nations on the planet. Our government, although woefully financially corrupt, has a wonderful track record of not taking it out on us physically anywhere near as often as other governments have. The vast majority of us not only don’t go to sleep hungry, we also eat 4-6 giant meals a day and fall asleep in a high-tech mattress in a safe and secure home. If you have yet to live in another country and venture out past the “gringo zone” let me assure you that this is not even close to what the heartbreakingly large majority of the planet experiences on a daily basis. I have no interest in causing any untoward feelings of guilt with all of this. It is merely fodder to reinforce the basic tenet that we are: Absurdly; fantastically lucky. Stupid lucky. Like, seriously, stupidly lucky.   This past year has been a hell of a year for me and my family. Filled with massive amounts of chaos, upheaval, change, disaster, despair, delight, success, epic failure and massive amounts of luck. Most of the luck has been of the Continue reading Luck : Were You Born With It Or Was It Mabeline?

The Marketing Pyramid of Radness

andy newbom marketing

Not every marketing job is created equally. Sometimes you get the glorious top of the pyramid in marketing land where you have a brilliant story just waiting to be told, backed by a fantastically great product that everyone wants. Other times you are on the bottom of the slag heap. You have no story or worse an actually negative story built upon the shifting sands of a horrible product. There are four levels in the marketing Pyramid of Radness.     As you move up the pyramid you encounter more and more radness. As you move down the pyramid you encounter more and more badness. Most marketers like radness. Most customers like badness. Not coincidently as you move down the marketing pyramid towards badness the market size correlatedly increases. There is a nearly unlimited market for poor quality crap matched to slick but baseless stories. Yes Wal-Mart and Coke I am talking to you. H L Mencken (b. 1880) said it best: No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. There is a reason the best quality products are not the market leaders in most markets. Customers want what other customers want. That’s why I don’t Continue reading The Marketing Pyramid of Radness

Twitter Chats FTW – Why You Should Join The Conversation

twitter is the heart and soul

Twitter rocks. To me it is the heart and soul of the internet. One of the best parts of Twitter are the #twitterchats. They are incredibly simple, well focused and plumb the depths of conversation that Twitter enables. As the famous spot on cartoon says: So what the heck is a Twitter Chat? Well my Twitter pal Brian Fanzo had this great quote when i posed this question to him of what are twitter chats? {embedded tweet} In essence twitter chats are basically hashtag conversations. The best attribute about Twitter is that you can have conversations around TOPICS with anyone in the world not just around people you already know. Since all Twitter posts are public and Twitter is by nature a topical, timely and relevant place it is purpose-built for having conversations around topics. A hashtag at heart is simply a shorthand way to both tag posts and do quick searches.  hash·tag  (haSHtag} noun (on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.   So why do Twitter chats rock? Insight and awesomeness from the Twitter chat universe: @Brewbom Twitter Continue reading Twitter Chats FTW – Why You Should Join The Conversation

30 Posts in 30 Days – Writing Like A Whirlwind

30 day blog challenge

I have decided to take on a challenge. (I love challenges.) I’m going to write 30 blog posts on my blog in the next 30 days. For my fellow math challenged, that is one post per day, every day for 30 days. (I hate algebra.)  This is not a new idea but I’m usurping it anyway. This challenge is about as far away from this challenge as it can be but I’m still doing it.   I actually write a lot and have been writing quite a bit over the last 90 days. But my personal blog has suffered since I have been writing in so many other places .  So this is a somewhat selfish exercise in forcing myself to write like a content marketing animal. We are talking about discipline, diligence, and stick-to-it-ivness-osity. <- That word FTW. 30 posts in 30 days. Oh my. I am not going to force myself to stick to any single topic. Although at this time generally they will be centered around the topics I tend to talk about the most anyway. Marketing Craft beer and coffee Social media Big Ideas I created a handy little List.ly list of my blog concepts that Continue reading 30 Posts in 30 Days – Writing Like A Whirlwind