Impoverished Frugality – The Essence of Not Winning

I have encountered an amazing number of businesses and individuals who put the majority of their focus on what they don’t have, their limited resources and how they have to save money. When instead they should be focused on what they WANT, what they do have and growing revenue and profit. There is a time to […]

Don’t Growth Hack Me Bro!

Growth hacking is awesome. Long live growth hacking. But don’t growth hack me man! And don’t scrape, mine or harvest me either.  I admire so many of the great people who practice the tenets of growth hacking. People like those on and do it well and do it right. But as anything that […]

Post It and They Will Come. Content Marketing, Writing and Cameron Diaz

Content marketing is hotter than Cameron Diaz.  Wait, no one is hotter than Cameron Diaz. So Content Marketing is hotter than Hansel. And if some content is good is more content better? In other words if you post will they come? If you write it will people see it and read it and share it? […]

Non Veni, Et Vidi, Vici – The Not Being There of the Modern Marketer

The traditional refrain of ‘you had to be there’ is thrown out quite often to impart the idea that ‘being there’ is essential to get the true impact of the story. Subtle nuance, implied head nods, semi-masked grimaces, political blow-back. it was all there for the naked eye to see and contemplate. Often what is […]

30 Posts in 30 Days – Writing Like A Whirlwind

I have decided to take on a challenge. (I love challenges.) I’m going to write 30 blog posts on my blog in the next 30 days. For my fellow math challenged, that is one post per day, every day for 30 days. (I hate algebra.)  This is not a new idea but I’m usurping it […]

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