Content Schmontent – We Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ Content Marketing

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Brainflash: Customers Don’t Want to Buy Your Content Marketing! They want to buy products/services that solve their problems or make them feel good enough to forget their problems for a while. Content Marketing is freaking awesome! At it’s best it is providing content (writing, photos, video, infographics, tips, quotes etc) that deliver REAL VALUE to your customers. At it’s worst it fills the socialsphere with blathering talking heads. Content Marketing Strategy is a fantastic way to frame your thought process towards delivering something of value to your customers. It is not the end result but a delivery vehicle. It is a tool not the objective. There are not that many people outside of Social Media Marketing folk who wake up each morning and say “I really need some good content marketing today! I’m going to go out and consume the heck out of some right now!” An amazing person who consistently delivers engaging content that doesn’t feel like marketing but actually delivers value is Sarah Evans of Sevens Strategy she defines Great content as:   Something that makes you SHARE, CARE or SWEAR! If you ask your customers what they want to buy, read, talk about or share most it Continue reading Content Schmontent – We Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ Content Marketing

The 8 Key Strategy Insights From Social Fresh

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It’s all about WHY you do what you do. The Social Fresh West conference was held here in San Diego August 22-23rd, 2013 at the Hilton Double Tree in Mission Valley. It is a fantastically well run conference focused on delivering high value to a limited and focused audience of Social Media professionals. Attendance is limited to only 400 people and instead of multiple tracks or the ubiquitous panels Jason Keath and friends kept it tight and fresh with one track with one speaker at a time and all attendees in the same room. And the speakers had a fast 30 minutes to drive home their point. it was rapid fire, hard hitting and glorious. You must go next year. The majority of the presentations were focused more on strategy rather than detailed tactics. (awesome for those of us who love strategy!) And every one of them was exceptional. So to pick out only 7 key strategies is hard with such an onslaught of great strategic information. But here they are: The 8 Key Strategy Insights From Social Fresh Mobile IS your Social Media Strategy! Mobile is the 1st screen  – Tim Hayden TTH Consulting Design for mobile 1st, then Continue reading The 8 Key Strategy Insights From Social Fresh

Social Media Strategy = Achieving Business Objectives

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Social Media Strategy = Achieving Business Objectives Using Social Media Tools. Too often we as Social Media professionals get excited and into the tools we use to do our jobs. We go gaga over the new upload capability for Instagram videos; we freak out over the new changes to EdgeRank on Facebook or we rant about proper Twitter etiquette. All of those things are important. However they are all simply tools in our arsenal to proactively attack the Brand Experience Gap and to drive to achieving business objectives. Social Media is a Tool. Social Media Strategy is the Reason we use those tools. Frequently when we talk about Social Media we focus on the tools, the technology and the technique. Crucial things all, however the reason we use tools it to more efficiently achieve the desired result. Tools provide leverage. According to Wikipedia  Strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. The knowledge of constructing, obtaining and using TOOLS is technology. Technology is not strategy. Tools are tactics.  Strategy is mostly the WHY. Tools are primarily the How, Where, When and What. Of course there is a great amount of strategy involved in WHY you Continue reading Social Media Strategy = Achieving Business Objectives

#SocialFresh West Finale Day 2- The Brainsplosion of Goodness

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Why has always been more important than What or How. Absolutely blown away by the quality, talent, strategy and brilliance of the speakers and attendees at #SocialFresh West San Diego 2013. The talent and power was epic and palpable. Jason Keath and team put together a remarkable event. kudos and praise heaps a plenty. I have been to a lot of conferences and not one of them has been as focused on strategy and the WHY of things as this one. THere was a plethora of HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE answers, tips, data, facts and advice. But the mind-blowing was reserved for the overwhelming cornucopia of WHY. The strategy behind WHAT we all do. There is no way I can fully synthesize how much I learned, how pumped and excited I am and how many new things I learned from two radically informative days. of course there was an avalanche of awesomeness about using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and all the other social media tools,; but more than that was the depth of interest in the WHY, the strategery if you will, My personal love affair. I will be synthesizing my “Jack Handy’s” (deep thoughts) on the take aways from the Continue reading #SocialFresh West Finale Day 2- The Brainsplosion of Goodness

Social Fresh West Conference Day 1- Social Power Overload

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Jello Biafra said: Don’t be afraid of the media, BE the media Day 1 of the Social Fresh West conference was so powerful and badass that we managed to make #socialfresh one of the top trending hashtags in America most of the day. My iPad was filled almost to full with digital notes, photos, new friends and twitter posts. My brain was actually overfilled approximately 4.3 times and I reckon (although the numbers are still early) that I received at least $1Million in knowledge transfers today from the stunningly great minds speaking and attending. Did I mention I learned how to wear a Bow Tie from the master Sebastian Rusk and sported one?       Here are some brief highlights from the speakers: @CC_Chapman spoke about Influencer Marketing, some tidbits below: You can build a brand through influencers if you do it right Success= planning working with influencers MUST be a two way relationship Influencers: Time is money, dont give it away free Think beyond the launch! strategize on long term campaign Always give influencers ALL of the tools they need to do their role Build friendships, friends share friends Brands: shine your light on the influencers work mightly! Continue reading Social Fresh West Conference Day 1- Social Power Overload