The 4 Essential Social Media Tools That Rock


I am a social butterfly. I flit, I fly, I flutter. I also use tools. (Is that the definition of metrosexual?) And if there is one thing that my years as a chef, barista, coffee roaster and beer brewer taught me: The right tool is essential. Be it a professional, sharpenable chefs knife, the perfect tamper, or a digital hydrometer the better the tool the better the result. Tools do not make you a pro, but pros are better with better tools. Having a kick butt 9″ ceramic Wusthof does not make your dish Iron Chef worthy, nor your shallots minced perfectly evenly like little diamonds of deliciousness without the skill and talent to use it well. But it sure helps. Having a stainless 58.1mm Reg Barber concave Bubinga does not make your espresso extract in perfect glorious technicolor unless you also have the training and skill to get all the variables right and use it correctly. I am not a photographer. No matter how expensive my camera is I just am not a pro photographer. I tested this hypothesis with my friend Jeff Taylor of PT’s Coffee. He is a former photo journalist and he has not lost his Continue reading The 4 Essential Social Media Tools That Rock

A Collective New Media Genius Staggering to Behold

The brilliant minds leading the latest “new media” revolution successfully displaced the antiquated, stodgy “old media” dystopia. They swooped in riding their midnight blue Tesla S’s straight down Stanford ave. and into your smart phone. [box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]TV? Dead![/box] [box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Radio? Dead![/box] [box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Newspapers? Dead![/box] [box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Advertising? Dead![/box] Never again will we have to stare transfixed at unwanted advertising or sponsored media. We are living in a new era. The brilliant minds at the new media powerhouses like Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and dozens of others have a collective genius that is staggering to behold. Collectively they will certainly create a brave new world out of this chaotic revolution. A fantastic power to the people, new media is king old media is dead utopia. They have received billions of dollars in investments from some truly smart people. They have a brilliant new business model to run on their brilliant new networks. It’s called advertising. Selling your eyeballs to the highest bidder. Apparently all the brilliant young 20-something minds at these new media companies are exactly the same as the previous brilliant old 40-something minds at the companies they replaced. Nothing new Continue reading A Collective New Media Genius Staggering to Behold

Is Your Facebook Page a Photo Dump Truck?

Do you primarily post photos with no content to your brand’s Facebook page? Ditch the Digital Dump Truck! [highlight]If so, you should be using Instagram or Pinterest instead. (or even in conjunction with!)[/highlight] All three platforms have strong and compelling benefits. Facebook pages can be really great congregation points for your fans to crowd around and talk about your brand and engage with your content. It even has great photo tools and sharing. And it is true that photos have dramatically higher engagement than simple text posts on Facebook. But if the ONLY thing you are posting is simple photos on your FB page and expecting tons of likes and shares you are likely not building engagement. And although this Facebook page tips for business is solid: It takes a strategic and varied mix of text updates, photos, videos and other great content to build your brand with fans. If you are posting a large number of photos then consider using Instagram and/or Pinterest to post the photos to. You can easily cross post them to twitter and even Facebook if you want. (although I ALWAYS strongly suggest you customize your content to each platform based on your customers, the Continue reading Is Your Facebook Page a Photo Dump Truck?

Social Media Platforms- Twitter is The Heart & Soul

twitter official logo and icon

[quote style=”boxed”]Twitter is where the real conversations take place.[/quote] For me Twitter is the heart and soul of all of my social media activities. It is where most of my connections and information comes from and is sent to. When I post a photo to Instagram I use twitter hashtags and post it to Twitter as well. Same for Tumblr and sometimes even LinkedIn. For me Twitter is where my business and professional life live although they are definitely intersected by my two other passions: Craft Beer and Specialty Coffee. To me Twitter is primarily about business. (although for sure LinkedIn is ALL business and professional but thats the next post) I am NOT attempting to explain or define Twitter to you if you don’t know what it is or how to use it read those links. I am explaining how I see and use Twitter. Twitter has risen to become one of the most talked about, integrated, relied upon and fascinating social media platforms. Far more than some other Social Media networks Twitter brings together a more wide ranging conversation amongst both close knit and widely dispersed networks of people.  It’s partially the use of hashtags and the immediacy Continue reading Social Media Platforms- Twitter is The Heart & Soul

Social Fresh West Conference Day 1- Social Power Overload

andy newbom social fresh bowtie

Jello Biafra said: Don’t be afraid of the media, BE the media Day 1 of the Social Fresh West conference was so powerful and badass that we managed to make #socialfresh one of the top trending hashtags in America most of the day. My iPad was filled almost to full with digital notes, photos, new friends and twitter posts. My brain was actually overfilled approximately 4.3 times and I reckon (although the numbers are still early) that I received at least $1Million in knowledge transfers today from the stunningly great minds speaking and attending. Did I mention I learned how to wear a Bow Tie from the master Sebastian Rusk and sported one?       Here are some brief highlights from the speakers: @CC_Chapman spoke about Influencer Marketing, some tidbits below: You can build a brand through influencers if you do it right Success= planning working with influencers MUST be a two way relationship Influencers: Time is money, dont give it away free Think beyond the launch! strategize on long term campaign Always give influencers ALL of the tools they need to do their role Build friendships, friends share friends Brands: shine your light on the influencers work mightly! Continue reading Social Fresh West Conference Day 1- Social Power Overload