The Great And Mighty Why

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Last night I had a brilliant hangout with one of my all time favorite people, mentors and idols, Wayne Rickard. We met for beers at the La Jolla Karl Strauss. We first met way back in 1998 when i started my first tech startup Centripetal to do the first ever Storage as a Service (the original SaaS sorry guys) in a partnership with Level 3 Communications.  I met Wayne at one of the many storage world events I attended. Wayne was one of the early founders of Gadzoox the people who invested fibre channel. Fast forward a year and I gave up my startup and left San Diego and moved to the Bay Area to join Gadzoox pretty much because I was so impressed with Wayne that I wanted to be on a  team where he was. It was an amazing, glorious life changing time. The glory days of storage and SAN. One of the impressive things about Wayne is his incredibly open mind. Not the “open mind’ political pundits love to romance about, but the actual open mind where solutions to problems are more important than the problem itself. Wayne has the track record to prove his chops and Continue reading The Great And Mighty Why

Is There A Difference In B2B & B2C Marketing Strategies? Or Is It All H2H?

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I am a B2B marketing guy. Yes, I have founded several companies that appeared to be consumer focused companies in Craft Beer and Craft Coffee. But in reality both of them were consumer oriented products with a strong consumer front end for marketing but were solidly built on, and focused on, business to business growth. One of the primary reasons I prefer business oriented marketing is that it is focused on solutions to problems. Of course fashion, popularity and irrational behavior can still abound, but as a general rule you have to actually deliver a solution to your customer’s problems NOT just make them believe they will be able to fly when they use your product. Pretty radical. This is not to say that the individuals involved in the decision process (and it’s always a process) don’t want to be seen as storage superhero’s (that was a fun project to work on btw!) and really smart people. Unlike a lot of consumer focused business models that are obsessively chasing the fickle and ever morphing consumer; business models built upon solving actual business problems are both far more exciting and exponentially more difficult. I like really difficult challenges. Complex, hairy, hard to solve, devil’s in the Continue reading Is There A Difference In B2B & B2C Marketing Strategies? Or Is It All H2H?

Should Marketing Be Held To A Higher Standard Than Engineering?

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Should marketing work product: blog posts, tweets, webpages, PR, product descriptions, onboarding, customer service, tag-lines, logos, articles, influencer marketing, case studies and all the other 1,000 marketing things we do be held to a higher standard of perfection than the engineering work product: software code, hardware, and UI? In other words which disciplines work product has a greater negative affect when it’s not perfect? Part of the argument centers around the impact of less than perfect work product and how easy it is to fix versus how much of a negative it is when it’s wrong. A core tenet of smart, modern marketing and engineering teams is the idea that: Done is better than perfect. Click To Tweet This is a pretty radical approach. It started with the lean and agile style software development teams and morphed into the concept of minimum viable product (MVP) and lean startup. In other words do the absolutely bare minimum work to get the absolute bare minimum product into the hands of the potential customers as fast as possible. This is predicated on the idea that the vast majority of startups have no earthly idea what they are trying to do or what their Continue reading Should Marketing Be Held To A Higher Standard Than Engineering?

Don’t Growth Hack Me Bro!

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Growth hacking is awesome. Long live growth hacking. But don’t growth hack me man! And don’t scrape, mine or harvest me either.  I admire so many of the great people who practice the tenets of growth hacking. People like those on and do it well and do it right. But as anything that becomes suddenly cool, profitable, black magicy and SEO worthy it has quickly grown a bit out of control and attracted a seedier crowd. Definition of growth hacking from Wikipedia: Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.[1][2] It can be seen as part of the online marketing ecosystem, as in many cases Growth Hackers are simply good at using techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing which are already mainstream. Growth hackers focus on low-cost and innovative alternatives to traditional marketing, i.e., utilizing social media and viral marketing instead of buying advertising through more traditional media such as radio, newspaper, andtelevision.[3] Growth hacking is particularly important for startups, as it allows for a “lean” launch that focuses on “growth first, budgets second. [4[5] Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, AirBnB and Dropbox are all companies that use growth hacking techniques.[6] At its core, growth hacking is marketing for companies with limited resources. Continue reading Don’t Growth Hack Me Bro!

Killer Tacos + Social Customer Care = Rock My World

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This article appeared on Sprout Social’s Insight blog I had an absolutely wondrous experience with a brand actively engaging on social media & taking that magic offline to my restaurant experience. The team at Puesto and Eric Adler are not only rocking amazing tacos but amazing customer service. Support them and support great local food and fantastic customer love. This is the new standard folks. Get ready. An excerpt from the full article: “Once you’ve implemented a great social media strategy, it can sometimes feel like you’re practicing theoretical physics. You have ideas and concepts in play that seem like they should create the desired results, but it may not be easy to see them taking shape in the real world with real consequences. When your strategy centers on customer service and delivering a great customer experience, though, the responses of your audience can give some much-needed evidence to support the theoretical side. To exemplify the connection between a great strategy and great results, we spoke with a savvy marketer and a happy customer. Andy Newbom is a social media expert and marketing strategist who had a noteworthy experience when eating at San Diego restaurant Puesto. To understand how the restaurant won Continue reading Killer Tacos + Social Customer Care = Rock My World