Laser or Discoball: Can You Sum Up What Your Company Does in 140 Characters?

Focus is exceptionally powerful. Lasers are focused. Disco Balls are not. And although both can make the party a whole lot more fun, only one of the can accomplish real world objectives. Look at your company’s website and marketing materials. What do you see? What do they say you do? Can you sum up your […]

The Rise of the Content Machine – You Will Be Assimilated and Like It

Content is rising and is quickly assimilating the typical one-way conversation of the past into a brave new world of brand created, curated and user created content that blurs the lines of marketing and journalism. credit: [Tweet “Stop interrupting customers with mediocre content & sales messages they don’t care about.”] Because now more than […]

Content Schmontent – We Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ Content Marketing

Brainflash: Customers Don’t Want to Buy Your Content Marketing! They want to buy products/services that solve their problems or make them feel good enough to forget their problems for a while. Content Marketing is freaking awesome! At it’s best it is providing content (writing, photos, video, infographics, tips, quotes etc) that deliver REAL VALUE to […]

The 8 Key Strategy Insights From Social Fresh

It’s all about WHY you do what you do. The Social Fresh West conference was held here in San Diego August 22-23rd, 2013 at the Hilton Double Tree in Mission Valley. It is a fantastically well run conference focused on delivering high value to a limited and focused audience of Social Media professionals. Attendance is […]

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